Adidas Spelled Colombia Wrong, but Colombians Have Been Rocking “Adibas” For Years. Let’s Discuss.

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Sweet Maria's Coffee
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Considering that Adidas has worked with Colombia since 2011, people couldn’t grasp how the corporation managed to bungle the South American country’s name in an ad that featured James Rodríguez and other players from the Selección Colombiana. Incredulous Colombians expressed frustration, anger, and disappointment in strongly worded messages to Adidas. One woman even went as far writing an open letter explaining how a multi-billion dollar company that is profiting from the Colombian fan base should be more attentive.

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The ads ignited a social media firestorm over the continued misspelling of Colombia, which forced Adidas to apologize. “We value our partnership with the Colombian Football Federation and apologize for our mistake,” an Adidas spokesperson told the Huffington Post. “We removed these graphics and are quickly installing new versions today.”

While Adidas hopes this will squash the beef, one Twitter user offers a slightly less than plausible (and frankly, my favorite) reason for the misspelling: revenge.

Adibas is the knockoff version of Adidas that has made its way to Colombia and other parts of the world. While there are definitely jokes about the authencity, Adibas is also well beloved by some. One Flick user paid tribute to the brand in 2009. “Don’t be fooled you fool!” the user wrote. “When you go to your swank store in America del Norte [and] buy your fancy $100 retro sneakers, read the label carefully. What does it say? A-D-I-D-A-S? Hah, fool! You have just bought a totally fake pair of shoes. You need to look for the Genuine Adibas brand, which you can buy readily in San Agustin, Colombia.”

Check out people repping their Adibas below: