Here Are the People Slaying NYFW So Far

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It’s New York Fashion Week once again, and with all the shows and after parties, it’s pretty much impossible to keep the jam-packed schedules straight. While we don’t have any fashion forecasts for you (well, other than we hope you like the 70s because we saw a bit of that going around), we did round up what some of our favorites have been up to this week.

Here’s what has been going on in and around NYFW:


Dascha Polanco is working a short bob with bangs.

Dascha Polanco has been all around NYFW – Custo Barcelona, Jay Godfrey, Mara Hoffman, the Refinary29 #29rooms event, and Houghton. She continues to outdo herself, but she has kept her strawberry blonde bob along for the ride.


Karina Gamez shows us the other side.

Venezuelan designer Karina Gamez debuted at fashion week, with the likes of Jaimie Chung sitting front row. Her Instagram account gave us a behind-the-scenes look at her show.


Pamela Allier supports Gabriela Cadena.

Blogger and Harper’s Bazaar contributor Pamela Allier said Ecuadorian-born, Miami-bred designer Gabriela Cadena’s dress is “the perfect blue dress.” She’s also certain that Cadena is going to be the next big thing. Actress Michelle Rodriguez and writer Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol were also in attendance at the show:


Jackie Cruz met the lady she was almost named after.

Jackie Cruz attended the Betsey Johnson show, and she revealed that her mom is a big Betsey fan. Jackie was almost Betsey Cruz.


These four repped Central America.

María José Díaz Arévalo, Luisa Fernanda Mazariegos, Raquel Canas, and Norma Gómez Saavedra hung out in mostly white and red. Gómez is wearing a bag by a Guatemalan designer.


Diane Guerrero hung out with her BFF.

Diane Guerrero and Jackie continued to be part two parts of the best squad.


Luisa Fernanda Espinosa doesn't do waiting lists.

Luis Fernanda Espinosa – better known as mother of the most impeccably dressed 7 year-old mirrey and instagram star Alonso Mateo – was spotted wearing Gucci’s Horsebit slippers (there’s a waitlist for the shoes).


Joan Smalls only does things big.

This is how Joan Smalls kicked off NYFW.


Hood By Air had models walk in an unblended contour look:

So, basically what the Kardashians look like every day before they blend. HBA’s Shayne Oliver threw the after party with Venus X’s GHE20G0TH1K party (just like the good old days), which was randomly held in Times Square.


Alt Space Kicked Off Their Fashion Week Alternative, FASHUN TWEEK

Mexican-American curator and stylist Phillip Gomez and Alt Space kicked off “Fashun Tweek,” their tongue-in-cheek take on NYFW. They will be showcasing experimental brands and new designers, whose work is focused on youth culture and futuristic streetwear.