Here’s All the Drama You Missed in the Background of That Hillary Clinton Merengue Video

Lead Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post
Melina Mara/The Washington Post
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Hillary Clinton’s pursuit of the Latino NYC vote was on full display last week, (we saw her hit a retirement home in El Barrio for a game of dominos), but it may have hit its zenith on Sunday. At a Washington Heights rally, Clinton danced to Los Hermanos Rosario’s “La Reina del Swing” with NY officials like State Sen. Adriano Espaillat and State Assemblyman Keith Wright, twirling on stage and waving a Dominican flag. And just like other public figures who have danced to Toño Rosario’s “Kulikitaka” with Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo on 92.3 AMP Radio NY, the whole thing was pretty awk.

But as many focused on Hillary’s merengue moves, they missed the drama that simmered just below the surface of the dance party. Here’s a breakdown of what you may have missed if you only kept your eyes on Hillz:

Update, 4/19: This story has been updated because an earlier version incorrectly identified the name of the song by Los Hermanos Rosario. 


Raúl de Molina fights for some camera time

Nobody puts El Gordo in a corner. Except they did. Searching for an opening to get some face-time, Raúl’s inner monologue sounds something like: “someone please notice me.”


State Sen. Adriano Espaillat starts dancing with Hillary

And his long-time bitter rival Guillermo Linares – who lost the contest for the 31st state Senate district to Espaillat back in 2012 after a toxic campaign – starts plotting his move.


Linares Tries to Cut In

Linares makes a grab for Hillary’s hand, ready to cut in, but Espaillat is not down for that.


Meanwhile, in the background

Council member Ydanis Rodriguez appears to be handling a moco situation.


Keith Wright swoops in

Just when Linares thought he’d get a chance to dance with Hillary, New York Assembly member Wright takes her hand.


And then Hillary ignores Linares

When it’s finally his turn, Hillary turns around to wave at the crowd.


Espaillat gets his next genius idea

Looking down in the front row, Espaillat notices a Dominican flag and reaches for it.


Hillary waves the Dominican flag

Like Adele before her, Hillary waved the Dominican flag.