9 Kids Who Were Smarter Than Their Homework

Lead Photo: Photo by Mayara Klingner/EyeEm
Photo by Mayara Klingner/EyeEm
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Children may be hands down the most unfiltered humans out there. And while this is evident through everyday conversations, perhaps nowhere does this become clearer than through their homework. For years, we’ve seen kids’ hilarious homework responses circulate around the internet (phallus-shaped animals or fake letters from the principal very obviously written in a child’s handwriting), which has led us to believe that these young people are actually geniuses.

In honor of the beginning of the school year, we’ve rounded up the latest funny homework responses by Latin American and Latino kids. Check them out below.



The kid that's too honest to keep family secrets


The one that's just not getting the material


The student who was proud to do homework in the middle of a party


The kid who deeply cares about Brer Rabbit


The one who provides great materials for their parents


The kid who drew a phallic wall clock


The kid who sent a school note signed by Diosito himself


The one who sought help from Jesus


The one who isn't wrong