Writer Suggests Limes Shouldn’t Come With Taco Orders, Gets Roasted On Twitter

Lead Photo: Photo by Alexandralaw1977 / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Alexandralaw1977 / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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There are some foods that we just can’t fathom eating without a squeeze of lime: fish and tacos. For sportswriter Tyler Conway, the combination of lime and tacos is unappealing. On Monday, he took to Twitter to complain that Mexican restaurants should stop serving tacos with limes. Though many pointed out that restaurants let you choose whether you want to douse your tacos in lime (the wedges are served on the side, after all), Conway argues that just including it in the same container can “contaminate” everything else, particularly the tortillas.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, people were very quick to call out Conway and tell him that his “unpopular opinion” is just plain wrong.

Below, check out some amusing reactions to his tweet.