With spooky szn officially here, a rewatch (or first watch) of Little Shop of Horrors is the move. And if you live in Pasadena, then you’re in for a really special treat. The very talented Mj Rodriguez (Pose), George Salazar and Amber Riley (Glee) star in a stage production at the Pasadena Playhouse. This week, Mj and George performed “Suddenly Seymour” on The Late Late Show and the internet is absolutely charmed.

It was an important moment for the stars as well. On Twitter, George took a moment to reflect about what performing on the CBS show meant. “A network known for being very ‘middle-America’ put a gay Asian-Latino actor and a trans Black-Latina actress front and center to sing one of the most iconic love song of the American musical theater…,” Salazar wrote. “…a song that is almost never sung by actors of color in productions. What @NjRdriguez27 and I got to do this is the very thing I wish I could’ve seen on TV as a young brown queer kid in a small town trying to find my place in the world.”

Mj, meanwhile, has retweeted a lot of the lovely comments that have come her way. Elsewhere on Twitter, people have weighed in on the stars’ talent, how they couldn’t play the starring roles because of their skin tone and more. Check out the performance and some of the reactions below.