While Mariah Carey is easily recognized as one of the greatest singers of this generation, we don’t give her nearly enough credit for her quick-witted, iconic insults. With the exception of her “I don’t know her” jab about Jennifer Lopez – J. Lo btw, has spoken out and said the two have met plenty of times before – will go down in Twitter history. The heavily GIFed moment is in perpetual rotation on Twitter, but there’s more to Mariah Carey shade than “I don’t know her.” And while we’re not here to judge whether she was right or wrong in doling out these burns, what we can learn from this is that you don’t want to be on Mariah’s bad side.

Below, check out a list of her delightfully-wicked-but-underappreciated disses.



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"My whole thing is singing, writing songs..."


"I still don't know her."