The #MatildaChallenge Is the Wholesome Viral Trend We Didn’t Know We Needed

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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By now, you’ve likely seen endless renditions of the “In My Feelings” challenge (we have Queens-born comedian Shiggy to thank for that). And while La Chona challenge – where instead of Drake’s “In My Feelings,” people danced alongside their cars as Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s “La Chona” played – offered a fresh take on the viral video trend, the Latinernet had one more trick up its sleeve. Across Latin America, folks are recreating their own version of the iconic Matilda scene where Mara Wilson dances to “Little Bitty Pretty One” as floating objects encircle her. Since they don’t have movie magic on their side, everyday people have enlisted the help of their friends, who hide from the cameras as they make doors fling open and chairs suspend in the air.

Wilson, who’s very active on social media, is living for these videos.

Unlike other challenges that are often dangerous (you remember when people were actually consuming Tide Pods?), the Matilda challenge is being touted as wholesome fun. But for us, the Matilda Challenge is the delightful content we never knew we needed. (Have you stopped to think about how long people rehearsed to get these videos out to us?) Check out a few below.