6 Gifts for Mom That Give Back & Don’t Hurt Mother Earth

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Yes; mami deserves the world, and we’ll give it to her whenever and however possible—but how about we rethink how we honor her this Sunday by considering gifts that double as investments into the community? There are countless independent Latine makers to support, plus other, less material types of gifts to consider. 

Whatever your mom’s style or interests, you’ll likely find something personal and meaningful in our list below. From grassroots activism support to self-care sets and celebrity shout-outs, here are six ways to honor mom this weekend and beyond:


Donate in Her Name

If your mom’s got chucherías aplenty, giving to a grassroots organization that benefits Latines is an ideal choice. Really, making a financial contribution in her name is a great option for all gift-givers, whether as a solo gesture or in combination with something else on this list. 

A few change-making orgs to look into include RAICES, an NGO working for immigrants and refugees through bond funds, legal services and more as well as Mijente, a political network for Latine and Chicanx activists centered on advocacy campaigns and education. Also consider donating to the National Bail Out Collective under which Black Mama’s Bail Out works to get Black women (trans women included) and gender nonconforming femmes out of jails and migrant detention centers year-round with ramped up efforts at this time of year to get as many moms and caregivers released in time for Mother’s Day.

Give a Book Written by a Latine Author (in Electronic Form)

Look to contemporary fiction and nonfiction especially, because these authors are living and will directly benefit from the buying of their works. Mean by Myriam Gurba is a personal recent favorite, but of course, there’s so much more to discover. This list is a great starting point for finding books by Latine authors that best fit your mom’s reading interests. Another more general option is to gift an audiobook membership to or another, similar service. 

Support Her Self-Care via Sustainable Bath & Body Products

In the realm of Latine-made bath and skincare, there’s everything from cutesy and kitschy, like Loquita and its classic Concha bath bomb, to serene botanicals, like the Complete Tranquila Collection of bath and body brightening rituals from Sanara. Puerto Rican line Ouroboros Herbals offers beautiful, luxurious and natural soaps, vegan lip balms, facial exfoliant and more. You can also support a transfeminist organization by ordering through Espicy Nipplez, also based in Puerto Rico; their products include smokeable Yerbajes Sanadores, each with a distinct purpose. 

Find Eco-Friendly Fashions She’ll Love 

There’s more than a few ways to go about shopping fashions for mom. Think sustainable, handmade garments (see Selva Negra), but also consider vintage or secondhand gems as well as statement tees printed on ethically made shirts. Rabble&Rouse is a stellar example of the latter; the Atlanta-based brand’s Give All the Damns tee is iconic.

Go for Distinctive Home Decor by Independent Makers 

Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket? These throws by Miracle Eye in vintage patterns are woven by hand, so expect a short wait in delivery—but you can DIY a card to let mom know she’s got this special gift on the way. Latine-made string art, a unique idea for home decor, is another option and, through Entre Hilos, you can customize your design. 

For plant lovers, the gift shop at Clorofila is brimming with beautiful macrame hangers plus little mascots for the plants themselves. You can also get slow-release fertilizer and potting mix through the site.

Contract a Celeb for a Special Message

What would your mom think of a well-wishing clip from Amara La Negra? Carla Morrison? Former pro baseball star Jose Reyes? There are a ton of Latine celebs on Cameo to choose from.