Our Favorite Christian Chávez Looks From the Soy Rebelde Tour

Lead Photo: Pictures from Christian Chávez Instagram. Art by Stephany Torres.
Pictures from Christian Chávez Instagram. Art by Stephany Torres.
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There’s nothing like the comeback tour of the century aka the Soy Rebelde tour. Audiences sang in unison, popped out in impeccable cosplay outfits, and uniformly dropped their jaws at RBD’s set design and equally impressive outfit pairings. One group member in particular, Christian Chávez, captured our attention with his range of playful silhouettes and avant-garde fashion. This is thanks to the stylist for the Soy Rebelde tour, who primarily tapped on Latin American designers to create the band members’ on-stage looks. 

Check out our favorite Christian Chávez looks from the Soy Rebelde tour, running now in Latin America through December 21, 2023. 


Ken Doll Supreme

Chávez’ onstage ensemble at a Medellin concert served Barbie-core in every unconventional way. The contrast between the seamless and svelte gloved bodysuit and the pink fur-tapered denim was punctuated by his makeup and frosty tips that fully packaged the ‘Ken’ look. 


El Pink Charro

The crowd ooh’d and ahh’d when Chávez took the stage to perform his primarily solo hit, “Tu Amor,” and it wasn’t just the song that hit our feels. Paying homage to the traditional Mexican charro suit in a new, pink way, moved some fans, but also disappointed others for the subversion of the traditional charro wear. 


Made to Measure Storm Fit

Chávez’ floor-length trench coat look took the stage by storm. The utilitarian coat with a detachable corset, paired with oversized trip pants served the right kind of power moves. ‘The Celestial Look’ was designed by Ruben Isaza, who also shared a video of the outfit design and construction process, attesting to the fact that this look was literally made for Chávez.


The Intergalactic Pop Sensation

At a concert in Medellin, Chávez popped out in a techno-fabulous look straight out of planetary horizons. The symmetrically cut bodysuit (with gloves!) was paired with crinkly, mint-green foil trousers– a color and fit combination that could make even the slightest terrestrial hater fold.


The Golden Boy

Let’s get into the details of the shimmering gold corset, shall we? Five o-ring leather straps connect to a golden cascade of shimmering tassels around the full corset. The corset was framed by golden sleeves that completed the gladiator-like look.


The Black and Gold Cut-Out

Speaking of gold, we’re loving Chávez’ myriad of gold chained necklaces draped across his body suit and along the side of his pants, creating a subtly luxe look. Not to mention its absolute compliment to Dulce Maria’s outfit at the same concert.


Blue-furred Corset

The blue fur lining on a flawlessly fitting corset was the cherry on top of Chávez’ playful fit. We loved the combination of casual (but dazzling!) jeans and metallic nails that complemented the outfit. Did we mention the fur is detachable?


It’s Britney, B*tch!

Chávez said it himself! The red latex leather atop a red corset was a fierce combination that checked off all our boxes. Design? Seamless. The peephole detail? Perfect. Impact? Unmatched.


Chainmail and Corset Combo

If there is one thing that Christian Chávez’ character, Giovanny, has taught us, is to always embrace our unique style. The chainmail-like material on the sleeves and upper body, matched with his iconic corset and decked-out jeweled necklace reminds us that there is no such thing as being too extra.


Elite School Way Uniform

NOTHING compares to the OG Elite School Way uniform. Donned just as cool and effortlessly as when it was first worn in 2006. Good times.