5 Rebelde Looks We Love From RBD’s Tour

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla. Photos via Instagram of @girasoli.gisell,, and @luccasvevo
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla. Photos via Instagram of @girasoli.gisell,, and @luccasvevo
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It’s 2023 and RBD is back! 15 years after their final farewell tour, the Mexican Pop group consisting of Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Christopher von Uckermann, and Maite Perroni are reuniting on stage for the 2023 Soy RBD tour. The tour includes shows in North America and Latin America, setting off waves of nostalgic feelings and fits from fans across all generations. 

Rebelde, the Mexican telenovela that first aired in 2004, follows the lives of six teenagers attending a prestigious boarding school outside of Mexico City called Elite Way School. The six students who have distinct differences, come together to form a band. Aside from dramatic antics and the not-always-relatable-but-entertaining socio-economic probs, Rebelde was a true champion of self-expression. 

While the series had its fair share of questionable outfit pairings, the characters were unapologetic about their style and forms of expression. The cool but impossible school uniforms, Giovanny’s spiky and fluorescent hair colors, and Roberta’s patterned sleeves and pop-punk influence – the cast and the band were true trendsetters throughout every episode. 

So whether you’re trying to channel Roberta Pardo’s rockin’ rebel vibe or tap into Mia Colucci’s ‘it girl’ style, these five Soy RBD concert trends are on theme for the comeback tour of the century.


Elite Way School Uniform

Let’s face it, nobody really followed the school dress code at Elite Way School. While the ensemble consisted of a bright red blazer, a white button-down shirt with a tie, and a pleated mini skirt, the students found a way to… rebel against this dress code and give the uniform their own twist. Embrace the uniform, but don’t be afraid to re-invent the corbata or pair it with combat or knee-high boots.


Pink on Pink on Pink

Mia-Colucci-pink walked so Barbiecore could run. The color pink was a dominating force in Colucci’s style. Whether she was sporting a full-on monochromatic ensemble on stage or adding a pink accessory (like a Motorola Razr in her boot) to her outfits. Embrace the color, and don’t leave your pink cowboy hat at home. 


Star-shaped stickers, gems and rhinestones

Colucci’s forehead star was a staple accessory and one that we could all adopt in our early Rebelde fan-girling days. Wear the sticker on your forehead and bring on the bling with rhinestones and gems to frame your eyeshadow and add a level of glitz to any RBD look.


Embrace the Y2K

The Y2K fashion revival has long reached mainstream fashion, but the Soy Rebelde tour is the perfect time to tap into the time warp. Embrace the low-cut jeans and skirts, and pair them with a low-slung belt and patterned or meshed arm sleeves. Bring your rose-colored sunnies and an unconventional heel and you’re ready to rock the next Elite Way School reunion – or the Soy Rebelde concert!


Friendship bracelets

One of the novelty accessories for the Soy Rebelde tour are the customizable DIY friendship bracelets stacked to create a wrist (or arm!) full of color and personality. Both Pardo and Colucci wore stacked bracelets in the series as a casual accessory, and now concert-goers are making their own bracelets and trading them in with other fans.