Not every kindergarten student could get out in front of an audience and perform with so much flair. But not every kindergartener is Oxana Thaili. In a video that has gone wildly viral, the young girl is seen conducting the Orquesta Musical del Jardín de Niños with so much gusto.

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Orquesta Musical Jardin de niños Horacio Teran

Si piensas que Alondra de la Parra es buena directora de orquesta.Es porque no haz conocido a Oxana Thaili Directora de la Orquesta Musical del Jardín de Niños #HoracioTerán #CdVictoria #Tamaulipas

Posted by Ignacio Aceves on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The video is merely a minute long and is being widely circulated online, but it has brought so much joy to the Latinernet – even Lin-Manuel Miranda shared the video. Below, check out a few reactions to this adorable orchestra from Tamaulipas and its energetic director.