Just before July 6 – aka Frida Kahlo‘s birthday – Ulta Beauty released a line inspired by the Mexican artist, but the collection has received more than its fair share of negative reviews.

The line features several products, including lipstick in four shades, an illuminator highlighter, brow palette, a flower headband, and a cosmetic bag. While there are some who are excited to get the collection, there are plenty of concerns. Some say the images do not show off her facial hair. Others, however, have spoken out about why Frida – who was anti-capitalism, wouldn’t approve of the collection. This is something that has come up several times before – when Mattel created a doll in her likeness or the gift shop at the Frida Kahlo: Making Herself exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, for example. But with this new collection, people are once again reminding us that she was vocally critical of consumerism.

Below, check out some of the conversation.