Pokémon Get a Majestic Mayan Makeover in This Mexican Illustrator’s “Pokémayans” Project

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The craze for Pokemon GO continues unabated, even after people have literally fallen off cliffs and gotten hit by cars for being so deeply absorbed by the game. In the two weeks since it was released on both iPhone and Android, the augmented reality game that allows us to step into the shoes of Ash Ketchum has added $23 billion to Nintendo’s market value, caused a stampede in Central Park for the rare Vaporean, and has created niche businesses for young entrepreneurs. It’s real.

Which is why it seems like a good time to revisit the 2013 artwork of Mexican illustrator Mona Robles, aka MONΛROBOT, who reinterpreted Pokémon with a Mayan artwork aesthetic. From her take on the evolution of Bulbasaur to her depiction of Lickitung, these Pokémayans may well be the coolest art tribute we’ve seen to Pokémon yet.

“I’m from Chiapas, México, so I’m very familiar with the Maya culture, I find it really appealing and aesthetically interesting, and I love learning new things about it,” Robles told The MindHut. “When I first started doing the Pokemayans I had been wondering why no one seemed to draw inspiration from this culture, around that time plenty of artists I know were drawing their versions of Pokémon so I decided to give it a go with this new idea. I’m hoping to open a Patreon in the following few days and retake the idea to draw at least the entire first gen in a consistent Maya style!”

Check out some of her cool PokéMayan illustrations below:

Charmander Evolution

Bulbasaur Evolution

Squirtle Evolution

Nidoran Evolution

Bellsprout Evolution

Oddish Evolution

Cyndaquil Evolution

Gible Transformation