Stuck Inside? Here’s What to Watch, Read, Listen To and Eat

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If you’re one of the millions getting hit with snow and hail today, chances are you’re hunkering down inside for the foreseeable future. But snowstorms aren’t all bad: they provide an opportunity to binge watch TV, snack with wanton abandon, and avoid human contact in a socially acceptable fashion.

If you’re stuck indoors, we’ve got plenty of recommendations for how to survive your cabin fever. Below we’ve got a round up of movies & TV, podcasts, reads, meals, and more to keep you entertained all day.

What to Watch

Check out our Netflixeando series for recommendations on the best Latin American and US Latino films and TV shows you can watch on Netflix while you’re holed up in your house:

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Not on Netflix? Check out our ‘You Should Stream’ series, which features content available for streaming on various platforms. Some examples:

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What to Eat & Drink

You can only binge-watch so many Chef’s Table episodes before the urge to experiment in the kitchen strikes. Here are some food and drink options to keep you warm in these frigid temperatures:

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What to Listen To

Let the cozy vibes flourish with this snow day playlist:

Want to catch up on your podcasts? Here are 13 Latinx Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar.

Lastly, we all know snow days are the raison d’être of Cuffing Season. If you played your cards right this fall, then you’ve scooped a bae to snuggle up with tonight. We recommend this playlist to set the mood.

What to Read

If you don’t have someone to snuggle up with tonight, then you can just use the alone time to curl up with a good book. or with all those Long Reads you’ve been bookmarking and meaning to return to. Some recommendations for where to get started:

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