From José to María, Urban Dictionary Name Definitions Can Get… Interesting

Lead Photo: Photo by JGI/Jamie Grill
Photo by JGI/Jamie Grill
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Do you know what your name means? Have you ever looked up its definition to see if the meaning matches your personality? If you did deep enough, you’ll find that many names have multiple meanings. If you peruse through Urban Dictionary, you’ll find that some of those meanings can get very … weird.

This particular search is what’s currently trending, particularly on Instagram. People are looking up their names on Urban Dictionary and taking to the app’s “Add Yours” Sticker feature to share the outrageous (or what they to believe to be spot-on) definitions they find. Urban Dictionary is best known for defining slang words and explicit phrases, so things are getting a bit awkward for people. You’re looking up your name up now, aren’t you?

Since anyone can define words at Urban Dictionary, definitions, including those for people’s names, can range from thoughtful to hilarious to highly offensive. Here are some of the most popular names within Latin America with the quoted definitions straight from Urban Dictionary (so, don’t @ us), so you can get a sense of what people are finding. If your name is not listed here and you go looking, be careful with what you find. We warned you. 


“A guy that every girl dreams of. He cares about no one but you” OR “a man whose legs are so hairy, he looks like the half boy/half beast creature from Narnia.”

Famous Josés: José Ferrer, José Feliciano, J Balvin


“The best person you will ever meet. He loves to talk to anyone who is feeling down and will comfort you when you need it.” One user also pointed out that saying “Jesús” backwards sounds like “sausage.”

Famous Jesúses: Jesús Adrián Romero, Jesús Salvador Treviño, Jesús of Nazareth



“A person who can always make you smile in any way. She is a funny sweet girl who always knows how to put you in a good mood” OR “the definition of Satan.”

Famous Marias: María Conchita Alonso, María Félix, María Celeste Arrarás



“The most fashionable and beautiful person you’ll ever meet” OR someone who is “shy but at the same time a savage.”

Famous Camilas: Camila Cabello, Camila Mendes, Camila Morrone


“The perfect male specimen. He’s smart, funny, charming and quite the sexual deviant” OR “Your local drug dealer. He’s got everything you need.”

Famous Carloses: Carlos Santana, Carlos Mencia, Carlos Beltrán



“A super delicious male humanoid” OR someone who “looks crispy and crunchy like nachos because he’s Mexican.”

Famous Juans: Juan Perón, Juan José Campanella, Juan Pablo Raba


“The perfect friend you need in your life” OR “a crazy girl who likes to watch you sleep alone and feeds off souls.”

Famous Glorias: Gloria Estefan, Gloria Trevi, Gloria Laino