A Guide to Weed Slang in Spanish: 10 Helpful Terms to Know

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Mastering Spanish-language slang is a complicated affair, given the sheer number of national and intra-country variations that exist. Consider the multitudinous uses for “pedo”: in some countries, it’s just a fart; in others it can also mean being drunk (“estoy bien pedo”), a difficult problem (“me metí en un pedo complicado”), or even a good vibe (que buen pedo esa música.”)

Naturally, terms for weed are no different. You can get by using the generic term hierba/yerba anywhere, but when it comes to all the corollary stuff – words for stoned, joints, dealers, rolling papers, etc. – it’d be nice to have an Urban Dictionary-style resource to make sure you don’t sound like a n00b. (And even if you don’t smoke, it’d help you catch the more obscure weed references in song lyrics.)

But since a Spanish-language weed slang dictionary doesn’t exist yet – to our knowledge – we’ve decided to get the ball rolling with 10 helpful weed slang terms you might hear around Latin America.

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you have other slang words you think the people need to know, add them in the comments below.

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