10 Biggest Takeaways from the ‘Love is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion

Lead Photo: Netflix
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The Love is Blind reunion finally put an end to season 6 of the Netflix show. And after a season 6 finale that saw only Amy and Johnny say “I do,” the reunion gave fans plenty of metaphorical tea as hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey questioned contestants on what went right, what went wrong, and what we didn’t get to see. 

From the surprising appearance of some OG Love is Blind contestants and couples, to never-before-seen footage, here are the biggest takeaways from the Love is Blind season 6 reunion. 


Amy & Johnny Still Being Married

For the second season in a row, the only wedding saw someone from our communities get her happy ending. And we’re not just saying that. Amy really does look happy and so does Johnny as they’ve blended their lives and families together. 


Gigi Makes Her Return

One of the OG contestants to return was season 1’s Giannina Milady Gibelli. She was on hand with her partner, The Bachelorette alumnus Blake Horstmann. The couple had previously announced that they were having a baby boy.


Clay Gets Perspective

Clay did some soul-searching after the finale of Love is Blind. He apologized to AD, whom he called “the love of his life,” and admitted he made the wrong decision at the altar and that he “continuously got in his own way.” That’s growth.


AD Drawing Her Own Lines

AD didn’t seem ready to outright forgive Clay, but she didn’t close the door completely either. She dodged Vanessa’s question of whether she would date him again, but she did say she didn’t want to end up like Clay’s mom. Which, also is growth.


Vanessa and Nick Lachey Actually Did a Good Job

Vanessa and Nick Lachey, heavily criticized for going too easy on contestants at other reunions, were on point in this one. They asked all the right questions and then asked all the right follow–up questions. No notes. Well, almost no notes. They didn’t ask Jimmy and Chelsea about their relationship status.


OG Couples Need to Come Back Each Year

Love is Blind should always have OG couples and participants back because the reactions from the peanut gallery made the reunion even more entertaining than it usually is. Cut to Kwame’s reaction every time things get ridiculous, please. 


Status of the Women Friendships

The women are all friends, except Sarah Ann. Jessica kicked her out of the group chat. But it looks like Sarah Ann deserved it because, according to Chelsea, she unfriended all the women but not their fiancés.



Sarah Ann & Jeramey

Speaking of Sarah Ann, she and Jeramey didn’t just ride off into the sunset on jet skis together, they are apparently living together when they’re not breaking up. Laura, meanwhile, showed up to just tell them how horrible they were. She ate and left no crumbs.


Trevor Said A Whole Lot of Nothing

Trevor was around for 3 seconds to try to explain if he had a girlfriend when he went on the show and if he lied to everyone on the show. He ended up panicking, saying nothing, and walking away. It was kind of hard to watch.


Heading to Perfect Match

Izzy, Jessica, and Micah are going to be in the next season of Perfect Match, a show we kind of didn’t watch the first time, but now that we’re more or less addicted to the reality TV drama, we might have to check out.

Love is Blind Season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.