10 Indie Streaming Sites Boasting The Best Of Latin American Cinema

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Netflix. Hulu. Prime Video. Disney+. There really is no shortage of streaming services right now. But with their emphasis on big names and big budgets, you may be wondering where to turn to if you want to find film titles that are less well-known. What if you wanted to really dig into the regional cinema of Brazil, or wanted to discover what kind of short films have been coming out of Puerto Rico? Or maybe you’re interested in film festival titles that rarely get U.S. distribution or have a hankering for broad Mexican comedies starring Karla Souza? Or, more importantly, maybe you’re looking to find places to stream content for free.

With you in mind we’ve looked all over the internet and found 10 alternative streaming sites catered to your interests. Take a look at them below and get watching.


If You're Looking For Quality Latin American Cinema:
The Cinema Tropical Collection

Adriana Barraza as Doña Flor in ‘Todo lo demás.’ Courtesy of Cinema Tropical

The Cinema Tropical Collection is a new and exciting initiative that makes select Latin American films available digitally for the first time ever. Having made select films freely available (for a limited time), Cinema Tropical is hoping to continue spotlighting Latin American talent even without the theatrical support they’ve long depended on. Moreover, with their new On Demand service (with virtual Q&As with the directors), you’re now able to stream some of the best reviewed Latin American films of the last decade.

Select films to watch: Todo lo demás, Tu y yo, Kékszakállú

Stream The Cinema Tropical Collection here and keep up with their Video On Demand releases over at Cinema Tropical’s VOD platform, Tropical on Demand.


If You're Looking For Puerto Rican Films:

‘La granja.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

After a document consolidating information on streamable Puerto Rican content went viral, it was only a matter of time until that spreadsheet would be turned into something more user-friendly. Enter Less a streaming site than a repository of movie data with links to where you can watch the best of Puerto Rico’s film output, the Javier W. Vélez designed site is your one-stop shop for all things PR.

Select films to watch: La granja, Mala mala, Dina

Find where to stream Puerto Rican films over at


If You're Looking For Bilingual Content:

‘Everybody Loves Somebody.’ Courtesy of Pantaya.

Featuring a slate of Spanish language and bilingual content catering to U.S. Latinos, Pantaya is unrivaled when it comes to showcasing blockbuster Mexican hits (many of them starring box office queen Karla Souza). With a wide selection of family friendly content as well as live concerts and broad comedies, there’s much to enjoy in the Latino focused streaming site.

Select films to watch: Everybody Loves Somebody, Las niñas bien, Que León

Stream Latin American films & TV shows over at Pantaya.


If You're Looking For Global Cinema:

‘Esteros.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

Founded by Weerada Sucharitkul and William Page, who boast having grown up in over 15 countries, FilmDoo curates global cinema from all over. Their specific Latin American content (both short and long form features) runs the gamut from Gael García Bernal indie hits to instant classics from the likes of Lucrecia Martel. And, if you ever want to explore even further, know that you’re one click away from finding the best of Euro, Chinese or even Thai cinema.

Select films to watch: Esteros, Eva no duerme, La mujer sin cabeza

Stream Latin American movies at FilmDoo


If You're Looking For Free Latin American Films:
Retina Latina

‘Rosa Chumbe.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

A digital platform showcasing freely and publicly available Latin American cinema for those living in Latin American and the Caribbean, Retina Latina depends on public funds from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay and Colombia. It’s no surprise to find government-funded films from those respective countries making an appearance in this sleek site. And if you don’t live in Latin America, don’t worry, 8% of the films found in Retina Latina have been made available to watch all over the world.

Select movies to stream: Rosa Chumbe, El libro de Lila, Keyla

Freely stream Latin American movies over at Retina Latina.


If You're Looking For Documentary Cinema:

‘Icaros.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

If what you’re looking for is documentary filmmaking, look no further than DaFilms. The  international Video on Demand (VOD) platform focuses on bringing documentary films from festivals across the globe directly to your living room. Through our curated programs, they cast the spotlight on original documentaries covering meaningful topics, present retrospectives on filmmakers that push the boundaries of the documentary form, and highlight films from countries with strong cinematic traditions. While global in scope you’ll find some of the most striking Latin American docs among their selections.

Select films to stream: Icaros, 1982, En el futuro

Stream Latin American films over at DaFilms


If You're Looking For Free Brazilian Content:

‘Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

Libreflix is an open-sourced streaming platform that’s freely available. Collaborative in nature, it gives a home to independent filmmakers who want to make their films find the widest possible audience. Built y Guilmour Rossi, the platform shows a commitment to not let capital barriers keep moviegoers from enjoying the best that cinema (especially Brazilian cinema) can offer.

Select movies to stream: Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho, 3%, Tempo perdido

Stream Brazilian films for free over at Libreflix


If You're Looking For Free Thoughtful Entertainment:

‘El abrazo de la serpiente.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

Library cards aren’t just good for checking out books any more. With just your card, for example, you can sign up for Kanopy and immediately get access to thoughtful entertainment on your preferred device with no fees and no commercials. Everyone from film scholars to casual viewers will discover remarkable and enriching films on Kanopy, including select Latin American titles in between Oscar winners and film festival favorites.

Select movies to stream: El abrazo de la serpiente, Ixcanul, Pelo malo

Stream movies courtesy of your local library at Kanopy


If You're Looking For Free Spanish-Language Films:

‘Amores perros.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

Tubi’s mission is to provide viewers with access to the largest library of premium movies and TV shows, all for free. That’s right. Everything from blockbuster hits to Oscar-winning films are freely available in one streaming site. It may well be the internet’s best kept secret. But it shouldn’t be, especially given how much quality Spanish-language content there is to watch.

Select movies to stream: Amores perros, XXY, Cuatro lunas

Stream Spanish-language movies for free over at Tubi


If You're Looking For Highbrow Cinema:

‘Casa Grande.’ Courtesy of the filmmakers.

If you’re missing the chance to visit film festivals all over the world and wish you could still find a way to discover new filmmaking voices from far flung places, Filmatique has you covered. committed to the power of cinema as a tool to foster diversity, understanding and empathy across societies and borders, Filmatique streams award-winning festival films for US and Canadian audiences—often for the first time.

Select movies to stream: Casa Grande, Ventos de Agosto, Boi neon

Stream highbrow films at Filmatique