7 Drag Queens We Hope Host ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Mexico & Brazil Spin-Off’s

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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RuPauls’ Drag Race is a global phenomenon that continues to take over the world and get more popular with every year that passes. With multiple spin-offs under its belt, it was recently announced that the popular competition show is looking for the best queens from Mexico and Brazil, sparking rumors that both will be getting their own spin-offs.

What’s exciting about that is that every international spin-off is hosted by a beloved drag queen hailing from their respective countries. And while we still don’t know who is hosting the possible two new Latin American versions, we have high hopes that some iconic Brazilian and Mexican drag queens will step into the role of host for the shows. Some are basically household names, like Valentina and Pabllo Vittar. And others are shooting to fame and are goddesses of their own; we’re looking at you, Leyllah Diva Black and Pixie Pixie.

It’s important to note that thanks to RuPaul and those like them, drag queens have been able to make their art form a lucrative livelihood, with the international spin-offs giving drag queens in other countries a global platform to share their talents with the world. Latine RuPaul’s Drag Race fans, in particular, have been waiting for the show to make it to their countries, and we’re following their lead with a wish list of possible drag queens from Mexico and Brazil to host!



Valentina was an instant fan favorite when she took to the runway during her original appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. Who can forget the iconic entrance quote, “It’s me, Valentina.” The queen also used her drag to showcase her culture, wearing a mariachi outfit and lighting a candle to La Virgen when she was competing. Fans are already taking to Twitter demanding that Valentina, who has graced Vogue Mexico multiple times, to be the host of the Mexican spin-off, and we wouldn’t hate to see it happen.


Pixie Pixie

Pixie Pixie has made a name for herself in Mexico City as a prominent drag queen and breathtaking artist. Her black and white makeup and over the top outfits has made her a mainstay in the drag community. She has taken the customary outfits of Mexican culture and given them the avant garbe remake that we can only expect from a drag queen of exceptional caliber. Seeing Pixie Pixie as the host would give the roster of Drag Race hosts an artistic powerhouse that no one can deny.


Leyllah Diva Black

Leyllah Diva Black is a Brazilian queen that brings her roots into every facet of her drag because intersectionality is everything. As a contestant on Queen Stars, the first big Brazilian drag reality show, her style is full of life, love, and a uniqueness that should be on every runway. And we also love that she’s a bit of a geek; dancing it up at a premiere event for House of the Dragon while looking like perfection or doing photoshoots that absolutely channel David Bowie during his Aladdin Sane era. She’d make one hell of a host, and we hope she makes the shortlist.



Pabllo Vittar

Okay, so this one is a long shot because we know that your girl Pabllo Vittar is a global pop sensation, but we can dream. The drag queen was recently brought into a fan-created drama claiming that she and RuPaul didn’t get along. However, RuPaul and Pabllo Vittar put a quick squash to that storyline. Because of this, we are hoping that the pop star and global superstar can make some time in her busy schedule to help Brazil find its next drag superstar. Plus, she’s got some experience under her belt as a host and regular judge on Queen Stars.


Grag Queen

Grag Queen has already spent time on the international stage when she competed on the drag queen singing competition show Queen of the Universe before being crowned the winner at the finale. And recently, she drew in more fans by landing on Love, Victor season 3 with her song “Dinner.” Her international career then went on to make appearances at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles and performing for crowds around the world, making her a well-seasoned and easy choice to host the Brazilian spin-off show.


Vera Cruz

Legs for days, traditional drag beauty, and just the right amount of camp come together to create drag queen Vera Cruz. Her style of drag gives us moments of Aquaria while giving outlandish drag a run for its money. While she clearly knows how to turn a fabulous glam look, her ability to transform into characters is one of the characteristics we love to see in our Drag Race hosts. She was a contestant on the YouTube show La Más Draga so she has competed and refined her art so she would make an excellent host.


Yasmin Carraroh

Yasmin Carraroh knows how to turn a look, hype up a crowd, and keep audiences captivated with her dazzling pageant looks and fantastical gowns. Not only that, but Carraroh is the first queen to have won not one, but two challenges in a row on Academia de Drags, an independent drag competition in Brazil. Carraroh also has experience hosting shows as the hostess of Verdant Curitiba nightclub and is the reigning queen of Parada de Curitiba. Just go ahead and call her already for Brazil spin-off, Ru!