One of the joys of streaming is the ability to have lots of films at your fingertips. But as they’ve come to replace DVDs and Blu-Rays, there’s one thing about those physical releases are the bounty of special features and bonus content that come with them — those director commentaries and behind the scenes documentaries that gave you insight into how your favorite movie was made. Realizing that for many fans that extra added content is key to enjoying a film like Coco, which has Easter Eggs all over its runtime, Disney+ organized a #CocoWatchParty aimed at delivering a communal screening of the film that would be supplemented with lots of anecdotes and making of memories for anyone who was interested.

Director Lee Unkrich and co-director Adrian Molina joined members of the film’s cast and crew to share fun behind the scene stories about the Pixar hit. The evening was both a live commentary and a slew of bonus features all wrapped into one. Offering everything from original sketches to memories about discarded ideas (did you know Coco was originally conceived as a full-blown musical?), the #CocoWatchParty was full of amazing details every Coco fan will enjoy.

We combed through the night’s many tweets and singled out 10 funny tidbits about the beloved (and Oscar winning) Día de Muertos animated film. Check them out below.

The Credits Include a Digital Ofrenda

You Have Lalo Alcazar To Thank for the Chancla Gag

'Mozart in the Jungle' Helped Gael Land the Role of Hector

Marco Antonio Solis' Guitar Pool Did Not Inspire De La Cruz's — It Was Just a Coincidence!

Director Lee Unkrich's Kid Helped Design Miguel's Guitar

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We Could've Had a Very Different (aka Less Goofy!) Dante

'Un Poco Loco' Owes its Existence to Co-Director Adrian Molina's Mom

Mama Imelda Was Inspired By María Félix

Yes, Pixar's Pizza Planet Truck Does Make an Appearance in the Film

The Film is Full of Great Cameos