Disney Announces ‘Coco’ Musical Coming to Broadway — & Fans Are Going ‘Un Poco Loco’

Lead Photo: 'Coco' still courtesy of Disney-Pixar
'Coco' still courtesy of Disney-Pixar
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Coco is currently in development to be a new live stage show. That’s right. The beloved 2017 Pixar hit animated film exploring the culture and importance of Día de Muertos is coming to Broadway.

L. Steven Taylor and Mandy Gonzalez made the announcement during a Disney on Broadway concert held at EPCOT and performed “Remember Me” to really hit you in the feels.

“This tale of family, fun, and adventure inspires a young musician named Miguel to go on an extraordinary adventure to the magical land of his ancestors,” Taylor told the crowd at the concert. “With a score by Michael Giacchino, and additional songs from the composer-lyricist team from Frozen, Coco is now in development at Disney on Broadway to become a live stage show!”

The show is still in the earliest stages of development, according to Play Bill. And there wasn’t any more information offered about the show other than it has entered development. Yet, that didn’t stop the flurry of excitement that hit social media.





Some reactions even spoke to our hearts, because Coco was a true tearjerker. 


Broadway shows are known for a show-stopping moment, i.e. the chandelier falling in Phantom of the Opera. Just picture the Disney Imagineers putting their brains together for a full Broadway production of Coco and what they can do with the breathtaking marigold bridge. Also imagine the makeup, colors, and music?

Coco was a pivotal touchstone moment for Latine culture and pride when it was released. The animated film dominated in theaters grossing more than $800 million at the box office. Additionally, Coco out-grossed all 12 Pixar releases combined in China.

Personally, we can’t wait to hear “Un poco loco” and “La Llorona” on stage. We will be seated.