Everything You Need to Know About the Movies Playing at San Diego Latino Film Festival

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The San Diego Latino Film Festival is right around the corner. Featuring over 160 films from all over Latin America, as well as some homegrown US Latino features, there are plenty of offerings to appeal to every taste.

Many of these movies have had previous festival bows, while others were hot commodities on their way to the Oscars last year. So if you’re looking for more info on the various titles available or want to read up on films after you’ve caught them, this is your one-stop shop for all things playing at SDLFF. All of our past coverage on films like Neruda, Dolores, Califórnia, Ovarian Psycos and plenty more is all here for your enjoyment. Consider it your very own Remezcla-curated guide to SDLFF, broken down by the various showcases that make up the fest’s program.

The San Diego Latino Film Festival runs March 16-26, 2017.

US Latino Films & Series

Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta Finally Gets Her Due in Sundance Doc ‘Dolores’

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Cine Gay

This Doc On a Mexicali Couple’s Fight for Gay Marriage Captures the Challenges LGBT Mexicans Face

Fernando Guzzoni On How a Tragic Hate Crime Changed the Screenplay He Was Writing

This Documentary Captures What It’s Like to be Queer and Undocumented in Rural America

In ‘Southwest of Salem,’ Four Gay Latinas Endure a Witch Hunt and Wrongful Imprisonment

Country of Focus: Brazil

TRAILER: This Brazilian Teen Rom-Com Gives John Hughes a Run for His Money

We Followed This Veteran MTV VJ During the Premiere of Her Brazilian Teen Drama ‘Califórnia’

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TRAILER: ‘Hija de la laguna’ Chronicles a Quechua Lawyer’s Battle to Save Her Community’s Land

El Corazón

Director Hernán Jiménez on His Sweet & Sour RomCom and the Rise of Costa Rican Filmmaking

Latino Public Broadcasting

Director Cecilia Aldarondo Takes Us on a Journey to Uncover Her Late Uncle’s Forgotten Life

Documentarian Cecilia Aldarondo Tenderly Tells Her Uncle’s Story 30 Years After His Death from AIDS

Mexico Today

In ‘La Habitación,’ One Room Is the Setting for 8 Short Films Telling Mexico’s History

TRAILER: In This Breezy Mexican Comedy, Workers Lose Their Kindhearted Boss & Everything Goes to Hell

TRAILER: This Mexican Drama Takes Us Into the Life of a Lonely Cat Lady With a Dead-End Job

Natalia Almada Used Her MacArthur Genius Grant to Make a Film No One Else Would Finance

Viva Mujeres

Ovarian Psycos Bike Brigade on Calling Out the Directors’ White Privilege While Filming Their Doc

TRAILER: In Chilean Drama ‘Rara,’ Two Sisters Are Unfazed by Their Divorced Mom’s New Girlfriend

TRAILER: ‘Tempestad’ Is a Heartbreaking Look at Life After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned

Tatiana Huezo on ‘Tempestad,’ Her Poetic Doc About a Childhood Friend’s Wrongful Imprisonment

Arturo Ripstein Tribute

TRAILER: Arturo Ripstein Tackles the Real-Life Murder of Dwarf Luchadores in ‘Bleak Street’

Spotlight Films

TRAILER: This Venezuelan Drama Relives a 1988 Massacre of Fishermen Suspected of Being Guerillas

TRAILER: This Subtle Comedy Is the Only Argentine Film Competing for Venice Film Fest’s Top Prize

TRAILER: ‘Lowriders’ Is a Chicano Family Drama With Graffiti, Punk Rock & Fly Cars

Pablo Larraín on His “Anti-Biopic” About Pablo Neruda & Gael García Bernal’s Mysterious Face

Director Felipe Guerrero Shares Why His Film on Colombia’s Civil War Is Centered on Women

Director Lukas Valenta Rinner on Shooting a Deadpan Comedy in a Real-Life Buenos Aires Nudist Colony

TRAILER: This Mexican Horror Masterpiece May Be the Most Disturbing Movie You’ve Ever Seen