Meet the Latine Contestants of ‘Love is Blind’ Season 6

Lead Photo: Netflix
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Love is Blind is returning for Season 6 on Valentine’s Day, and Netflix has just announced the contestants who will seek to find love in the new season. Among these, are faces from our communities, looking to follow in the footsteps of other memorable past participants — including Lydia, from season 5 and Jackie from season 4.

And though Love is Blind doesn’t guarantee a happy ending — there are only 8 couples still together from the five previous seasons combined — that doesn’t mean we won’t be watching and rooting for the contestants in our communities.

Here are the Latine contestants in Love is Blind Season 6, which was filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Alejandra, a financial consultant with Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, told Tudum: “I see such a bright future for myself and I want to make sure that the partner that I choose is someone that only adds to my life.” Single by choice, Alejandra is unwilling to settle for less than the perfect guy, and we not only respect that, we think it’s the attitude everyone should have.



Amy, an e-commerce specialist, with Puerto Rican and Spanish heritage, told Tudum that she “doesn’t have the patience for apps,” and feels “they’re very superficial.” Considering she also confessed she doesn’t “go on dates,” but “I literally work and hang out with my friends and family,” this feels like the perfect opportunity for Amy to find someone who wants to join her in doing just that.




Ashley, a nurse practitioner of Puerto Rican and Indonesian heritage, told Tudum that: “In my past relationships, guys have felt like I was too good for them because I’m goal-oriented.” But that’s in the past, and Ashley is coming into this experiment with a clear goal in mind, adding: “I refuse to be with someone that dims my light ever again.” Sounds like the right attitude.



Ariel, a mortgage broker, and a self-professed huge Adele stan, feels like it’s the perfect time to find love. “I’m at a point in my life where I’m getting ready to take the next step,” he shared with Tudum. “I’ve always wanted a family, and I think now’s a good time to start that beginning process.” 



Danette, a flight attendant, wants someone who loves her for who she is. “I am unwilling to sacrifice being me, and that’s just an all-around crazy, adventurous person who’s very spontaneous,” she told Tudum. But she’s also very shy, and this experiment will help her “get out of my comfort zone” as she looks for the perfect man.

Love is Blind Season 6 premieres on February 14 with 6 episodes. Episodes 7-9 will then be released on February 21st, with episodes 10-11 coming on February 28th and the Episode 12 finale on March 6th.