Netflixeando: 5 Foodie Shows to Watch If You’re Craving Tacos

Lead Photo: 'Chef's Table.' Courtesy of Netflix.
'Chef's Table.' Courtesy of Netflix.
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The taco may seem a simple food but its history as well as its flavors are wildly complex. To watch any kind of food documentary on the taco is to enter a world that makes you fully appreciate the Mexican creation even more — whether you get them from a corner taco truck or from a Michelin starred restaurant. And, indeed, in the age of Peak TV, there is no shortage of taco-driven food TV content around to help you become an expert on the subject.

If you’re looking around for a change of pace from your regular Netflix binges (aka, if you’ve finished Casa de las flores, Élite and L.A. Originals), or if you’re just eager to indulge in some vicarious food-binging, we’ve compiled five television shows for all you taco lovers out there. Just be sure to not watch them on an empty stomach.

Taco Chronicles

Whether you want to learn everything about the ancient Asia Minor history of your favorite al Pastor tacos or want to take a trip to Michoacán to learn about the roots of Carnitas, Taco Chronicles is here to satiate your need for all things tacos.

The Chef Show: Guerrilla Tacos

Every episode of the Jon Favreau-hosted The Chef Show finds the Iron Man director channeling his less well-known film, Chef. Interviewing the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and David Chang and Robert Rodriguez, every episode offers a candid look at the foods that bring us together. That’s definitely the case in the Guerrilla Tacos episode, where Favreau meets up with chef Wes Avila, the man responsible for turning his taco truck into a budding LA institution.

Ugly Delicious: Tacos

Like its title suggests, David Chang’s Ugly Delicious show is centered on foods that are, well, ugly but delicious. The renowned chef travels all over the world paying attention to food that is often unheralded within high cuisine circles. Of course, there’s an entire episode dedicated to tacos, which features appearances by food writers Jonathan Gold and Gustavo Arellano as they tour Los Angeles with Chang in tow.

Chef's Table: Enrique Olvera

Every episode of the David Gelb-creator series Chef’s Table focuses on a specific chef, offering a profile of their work, their recipes and their restaurants. In the second season of the show, Chef’s Table set its eyes on Enrique Olvera, who’s made Mexico City’s Pujol a must-see foodie attraction. Seeing Olvera talk about his influences and giving you a taste of his high-minded take on Mexican food is enough to make your mouth water.

Chef's Table: Cristina Martínez

By its fifth season Chef’s Table went all the way to Philadelphia to profile the work of Cristina Martinez, the mind behind South Philly Barbacoa. Beyond giving audiences a look at her delicious food, the episode focuses on Martinez’s plight as an undocumented woman who’s triumphed in the food world, earning accolades for her authentic Mexican dishes.