Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Salma Hayek, Oscar Isaac & Others

Lead Photo: Credit: Disney+
Credit: Disney+
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If you were sitting in front of the TV screen during Super Bowl LVI on Sunday (February 13), but weren’t interested in the actual game, chances are you were tuning in for at least one of two reasons: the hip-hop legends performing during the Halftime Show or the commercials.

This year, most of the Latines featured in the TV spots during the big game were seen in trailers for upcoming movies and TV series, but there were a couple of celebrities who landed gigs hyping up products like luxury vehicles and fitness centers.

Here is a look at six Latine stars that you may have missed if you went to grab some more chips and guacamole during the commercial breaks.


Salma Hayek

The Oscar-nominated actress starred with action movie icon and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in a commercial for BMW. The duo played ancient Greek gods Zeus and his wife Hera, who announce their retirement and travel to Palm Springs to spend the rest of their immortal existence relaxing under the sun. Zeus, however, isn’t very happy about having to use his lightning bolt powers to help his neighbors, so Hayek’s Hera decides to purchase him an all-electric BMW. They sing Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” while they take their new vehicle out for a spin.


Danny Trejo

The Machete star had a cameo appearance alongside actress Lindsay Lohan for a TV spot for Planet Fitness. In the commercial, Lohan has made some positive changes in her life. She’s even become “more productive – trading DUIs for DIYs.” In the scene, Lohan bedazzles Trejo’s ankle monitor with gemstones and has even decorated it with his initials. “The verdict is…” Lohan says. Trejo finishes her sentence: “Gorgeous.” Even without the commercial, Trejo would’ve had a great day Sunday anyway. His team, the Los Angeles Rams, won the Super Bowl!


Ismael Cruz Córdova

In the first trailer for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings TV series The Rings of Power, audiences get a glimpse of Córdova’s elvin character Arondir. Córdova will become the first Afro-Latine to play an elf in a J.R.R. Tolkien project. While some online trolls were upset that the franchise was becoming more diverse, the series creators said they wanted the adaptation to “reflect what the world actually looks like.” During the short trailer, Córdova’s Arondir is seen using his bow and arrow somewhere in a forest of Middle Earth. “A new legend begins this fall,” a title card reads during the teaser. Fortunately, that new legend includes an essential Latine role.


Xochitl Gómez

In the trailer for the Marvel sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, audiences get to see Gómez’s superhero character America Chávez, AKA Miss America, for the first time. Once again, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) has “opened a doorway between universes” and made things a bit chaotic for everyone. During Gómez’s short scenes as Chávez, she is surrounded by explosions and destruction inside what looks like a temple. In another scene, she screams, “Look out!” at Dr. Strange when a one-eyed, tentacled creature is about to toss a bus at them on a busy city street. In a final scene, Gómez’s Chávez leaps off a pedestal yelling and has one fist cocked and ready to fight. Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Xochitl!


Sasha Calle

DC Comics covered all their upcoming 2022 movies with one combined teaser trailer, which included scenes from The Batman, Black Adam, The Flash, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In a two-second-long final scene, Calle’s character, Supergirl, is seen standing behind The Flash (Ezra Miller), who asks someone off-screen, “Are you in?” Yes. Yes, we are.


Oscar Isaac

We had already seen a trailer for the upcoming Disney+ TV series Moon Knight last month, but during the Super Bowl, you’re guaranteed that millions of people will see it all at once. The trailer that showed during the big game was a teaser but included a few new shots that were not in the full trailer last month. One features Isaac’s title character leaping into the air with his cape spread while getting shot at by gunmen while another shows him being approached by a figure wrapped in bandages. Spooky indeed.