Booze Piñatas, Fidel Ice Cream & Cheetos Quesadillas Are Here to Make Your Week Better. Or Worse

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With all the attention we give to foods like the Pikachurro, ramen al pastor, and Burger King’s Whopper Burrito, it’s obvious we’re hungry for novelty foods. That’s probably why restaurants, chefs, and other foodies continue to try to outdo each other when it comes to weird food creations. Just this week, we came across three different novelty items that makes us feel a lot of things. Check them out below:


Burn in Hell Fidel Ice Cream

Fidel Castro’s legacy may forever be up for debate. While some see the highly polarizing figure as a champion for the poor and someone who stood up to the United States, others feel he’s a ruthless dictator responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands and the decline of Cuba. But in Miami – home to people directly affected by his actions – it’s safe to say that many Cubans and Cuban-Americans believe he’s the latter.

So to celebrate his death, Azucar Ice Cream Company created the Burn in Hell, Fidel ice cream. Azucar – located in Little Havana – sells plátano maduro and cafe con leche flavors. Fidel’s death called for chocolate ice cream with a healthy dose of cayenne. The chocolate “is for the hell that Castro should be in now,” owner Suzy Battle told the Miami New Times. “This ice cream is specifically for Fidel’s death. May he burn in hell is the inspiration.”


Cheetos Quesadilla

In the last few years, Taco Bell has become very experimental (or gross, depending on how you look at it). After the success of the Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, the fast food eatery is now testing its luck with another corn-based snack. Taco Bells across the Philippines have rolled out the Cheetos quesadilla – literally a Cheetos-stuffed quesadilla.

And while we have no way of knowing if this is good or not, we can say that this is probably one of the rare cases where the promotional photo looks worse than the real-life version.

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Booze Piñata

Nipyata has come up with what’s simultaneously the best and worst drinking game. Unlike the piñatas you swung at during your childhood, these reward you with booze instead of candy. Having drunk, blindfolded people swing a buster stick is probably a recipe for disaster. But will anyone really care because liquor?

H/T Gothamist