9 Non-Alcoholic Alternatives You Should Check Out

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Sober October’s founding father Dry January is here, and while the trending resolution is gaining popularity, abstaining or cutting back from alcohol can be more than a temporary abstinence. Some are thriving in sobriety, and others remain sober-curious and interested in a world (or party) with more non-alcoholic options.

Whatever way you lean, one thing is for certain – far and away are the days of clutching at a glass of water all night long to try and blend in at an event. The market is replete with non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails for every palette. That’s why we’ve put together a list of Latine-owned/founded non-alcoholic cocktails and beverage alternatives to quench your thirst all year long. 




Inspired by the rich biodiversity of Mexico and the Southwest, Parch offers agave cocktails that deliver “complex flavors from unique pairings of desert ingredients.” Parch co-founder, Rodolfo Aldana of Colombia, created Parch following a Cancer diagnosis in 2018. Aldana sought alternatives and developed alcohol-free cocktails meant to be enjoyed slowly, sip by sip, from prickly paloma to spiced piñarita. Learn more here.



Create your own unique mocktail without forgoing the smokey spirits. Inspired by founder, Ellie Webb’s Colombian roots, Caleño offers tropical non-alcoholic spirits such as “Light and Zesty” and “Dark and Spicy”, a rum-like blend perfect for soberly dancing the night away. Learn more here.



Uncorking a wine bottle with your besties to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on repeat or just talk about your day doesn’t have to end with your sober status! Chilean wine company founded by Cecilia and Andrés Prat, SinZero wine offers a range of non-alcoholic wines such as Rosé, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Learn more here.


Katrina Brewing Co.

Non-alcoholic chelas are popular and widespread, but nothing hits quite like supporting a Latine-owned business. Katrina Brewing Co. offers non-alcoholic cervezas such as a Mexican Lager and a Limon y Sal Chelada produced in Mexico as is the brainchild of married duo Gofredy Salazar and Diana Cruz. Learn more here.


Trejo’s Spirits

Danny Trejo brings the spirit of a healthy and positive sober lifestyle in his new line of non-alcoholic spirits including a Blanco Tequila Alternative and a Pink Gin Alternative. Trejo’s Spirits is expanding to include (non-alcoholic) mezcal, London gin, dark rum, and whiskey in the future. Learn more here. Learn more here.


Agua Bonita

Aguas frescas are a must for the weekend carne asada, and Agua Bonita offers an alternative for everyone in your family. Mexican-American founder, Kayla Castañeda, puts a spin on the classic aguas frescas by offering classic and unique flavor profiles with 80% less sugar than the OGs with flavors like hibiscus, watermelon chile, and mango habanero. Learn more here.


De la Calle Tepache

Tepache is a fermented beverage made of pineapple peels and rinds, dating back centuries in Mexico and becoming a staple drink at family functions. Founded by Mexican native Rafael Martin Del Campo and Alex Matthews, De la Calle Tepache explores variations of the fermentation process, putting a modern spin on the ancient drink. Learn more here.


Big Mich

Micheladas are known for packing a spicy and flavorful punch, and luckily, alcohol is not a requirement when it comes to enjoying this cocktail’s big flavor. Mix with your favorite non-alcoholic beer or sparkling water to enjoy this Chicago-based michelada founded by Javier Garcia and Nathalie Solis. Don’t forget the Chamoy! Learn more here.



We love a good LaCroix, but if another seltzer alternative exists, we’re all ears. Fernanda Sampson-Gomez’ Celzo agua frescas infuses natural ingredients and vitamins to create a healthy alternative. Celzo is Mexican/Queer/Woman owned and offers three all-natural flavors. Learn more here.