The Winner of ‘Drag Race Brasil’ Season 1 is Revealed

Lead Photo: World of Wonder
World of Wonder
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The very first winner of Drag Race Brasil has been revealed!

Grag Queen, who won the first season of Queen of the Universe, hosted Drag Race Brasil. The first season started airing on August 30. Over the past few weeks, the 12 drag queens competing for the crown were whittled down to the top four. Those finalists included Organzza, Betina Polaroid, Hellena Malditta, and Miranda Lebrão.  

The season finale included a fan-favorite from RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Brazilian Pit Crew member Bruno Alcantara joined the finalists in his signature Speedos. He later carried off Grag Queen after she announced that the finalists will star in a music video. Organzza, Betina Polaroid, Hellena Malditta, and Miranda Lebrão performed Grag Queen’s song “Party Everyday” along with her. Alcantara also got in on the action.

The final runway category was Best Drag. Honoring her Afro-Brazilian heritage, Organzza wore a stunning outfit that was inspired by Afrofuturism. While working the runway one last time, she said her look embodied “Black excellence” and “Black girl magic.” The Lip-sync for the Crown was done to “Envolver” by Brazilian superstar Anitta. 

Each of the four finalists pulled off different tricks to wow the judges. Organzza’s afro revealed a full head of braids. While stripping away her outfit, she later dipped into an Exorcist-like spider walk. Organzza best embodied the song’s fierce energy.

After Alcantara brought over the crown and scepter, Grag Queen announced that Organzza won the title of “Brasil’s Next Drag Superstar.” Over the course of the competition, she won three Maxi Challenges and now holds the title of winner of the first season of Drag Race Brasil

The full season of Drag Race Brasil is now streaming on WOW Presents Plus in the U.S.