14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From AQUIHAYAQUIHAY to Martox

Lead Photo: Photo by NARSÉS.
Photo by NARSÉS.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Martox, and Meridian Brothers. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.


Following “Promesas,” AQUIHAYAQUIHAY – formed by Zizzy, Phynx Nehly, Neqer, and Jay Lee – is slowing things down with “Opciones.” In this new track, the Mexican ensemble croons over an R&B beat with subtle bass and piano chords that help carry the hypnotic melody. The fresh track seemingly echoes a 2000s Jennifer Lopez’ “If You Had My Love” feel while narrating a song about learning and understanding your partner’s ideal love language. “Opciones” makes the third single from their upcoming diverse album, Ojalá Estuvieras Aquí, out later this month. – Jeanette Hernandez

Martox - “Pila”

Dominican singer-producer duo Martox teases us with a glimpse of their forthcoming EP with their genre-defying new single “Pila.” Splicing elements of electro-pop and baile funk, the track shines with lifelong friends Juan Martínez and Eduardo Baldera’s fine-tuned production and peaks with shimmery beats and earworm hooks. “Pila” proves that the once R&B-leaning Martox is ready to be more risk-taking than ever as the duo stakes their claim as one of the alt-dance powerhouses to watch out for. – Nayeli Portillo

Meridian Brothers - “En El Caribe Estoy Triste”

Meridian Brothers are back, following up cumbia and salsa epics Cumbia Siglo XXI (2020) and El Grupo Renacimiento (2022) with a new album titled Mi Latinoamérica Sufre that explores the influence of African highlife and Congolese soukous on Caribbean coastal sounds and picó sound systems. The lead single, “En El Caribe Estoy Triste,” seamlessly bridges West African guitar traditions and Colombian champeta. Meanwhile, bandleader Eblis Álvarez ponders life, death, and South American precarity through cartoonish vocals that invite psychedelia while expanding the tropi-weirdo’s ongoing philosophical critiques. – Richard Villegas

Doris Anahí - “Mi Niña”

On this Día de las Madres, Doris Anahí releases “Mi Niña,” dedicated to the long line of mothers that came before her and the future generations. “‘Mi Niña’” was initially written from a place of mourning the possibility of motherhood in 2022, and then ultimately turned into a song of hope for my inner child,” Doris shared in a statement about the song. The ballad opens with smooth strings and gradually opens up with steady percussion as the songstress remains optimistic. While it grew from a solemn chapter of Doris’ life, it blossomed into a beautiful and moving tribute. — Chelsea Quezada

Oal - “No Jodas Con Mi”

Puerto Rico boasts tons of artists trying to make a name for themselves in el movimiento. Oal is one of them, and considering his latest single, he has what it takes to stand out. By fusing trap beats with charango and acoustic guitars, Oal sidesteps any chance of sounding like someone else. The artist doubles down on his uniqueness by delivering bar after bar against his haters with a flow that harks back to the style’s Atlanta roots, as well as the Dominican influence on the genre. “No Jodas Con Mi” could point to the genre’s near future. — Marcos Hassan

Mas Aya - “Tú y Yo (feat. Lido Pimienta)”

Nicaraguan-Canadian artist Mas Aya just announced Coming and Going, the follow-up to his 2021 album Máscaras, which includes single “Tú y Yo.” It’s one of five collaborations with life partner Lido Pimienta. The song is a stroll down a dreamlike forest with meticulously placed percussion flying all around us while Pimienta croons free-form melodies and minimal lyrics like an ethereal nymph calling from behind tall trees. It’s an ecstatic experience that overflows with beauty and emotion and an ode to their relationship. – Cheky

NÉMECIS - “Esto es PR”

As a self-proclaimed “barrio nymph,” Puerto Rican indie rap act NÉMECIS makes sure she stands out by combining two of her strongest characteristics: never being shy about her sexuality and always being ready for the smoke. She also has the raw power to back it up, as demonstrated in her new drill freestyle, “Esto es PR.” With rapid bursts of hard-hitting bars, she takes no prisoners (even this writer’s hometown catches a stray, but the song is too fire to take personally). NÉMECIS recently wrapped up NYC and L.A. co-headlining shows alongside Brazil’s MC Soffia, and she’s only just getting started bringing her aggressive prowess to new fans. — Juan J. Arroyo

Bb Trickz, Kevin AMF - “Jálale alv”

Bb Trickz and Kevin AMF are coming in hot with their explicit earworm, “Jálale alv.” In this new collaboration that makes you do a double-take, the two young artists blend dembow elements with modern electronic sounds that are currently making waves in the new Mexican scene. Though the song is shy of two minutes long, it went viral before it was even released, demonstrating the interest in this catchy subgenre. Now, with over three million views and counting, Bb Trickz and Kevin AMF struck gold with a risqué and raunchy Cortess-produced track unsuited for those underage (despite their fresh Disney star-looking faces). – Jeanette Hernandez

Gaby Moreno, LA LOM - “Alma Florecida” 

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno and Los Angeles cumbia trio LA LOM take it back to the golden era of slow dancing to dreamy boleros with “Alma Florecida.” An ode to the blooming romance between two deeply enamored lovers, the single perfectly captures those initial glimmers with rosy and sentimental verses. From its radiant opening instrumentals to Moreno’s elegant and spellbinding vocals, the joint single is just as sublime as it is nostalgic and glows with plenty of classic flair with a jazz percussion spin. – Nayeli Portillo

Luisa Almaguer - “Un Día Nos Vamos a Morir”

Across recent singles “Wey” and “Una Perra,” Luisa Almaguer has showcased the growth of her ever-incisive storytelling, standing defiant as a trans woman constantly swimming against the currents of respectability and heteronormativity. With her latest release “Un Día Nos Vamos a Morir,” the Mexico City singer-songwriter delivers a devastating taste of loss, or more so, the dread of someday having to let go of her beloved. The song’s steamy clip features Almaguer and producer Santiago Mijares in a torrid love affair, oscillating between intimate scenes and tense shouting matches, mirrored by instrumental shifts from acoustic confessionals to pounding, feedback-charged outbursts. “Un Día Nos Vamos a Morir” is the final teaser ahead of Almaguer’s highly anticipated sophomore album, slated for release this summer and already promising to hit fans like an emotional freight train. – Richard Villegas

That Mexican OT - “Comin Down (feat. OTB Fastlane & Hannah Everhart)”

Rising Tejano rapper That Mexican OT is “a real-life country boy,” and he proves it in the music video for “Comin Down.” Donning his camo, the 25-year-old goes off-roading on dirtbikes and ATVs alongside featured artist OTB Fastlane. It’s the 10th track off his album Texas Technician, which celebrates his home state through rhymes, featured artists, and visuals. OT’s flow is about enjoying the fruits of his labor: “I came up without shit, so I know what it’s like, and I’m tired of pain.” Former American Idol contestant Hannah Everhart is featured on a soulful intro and outro, while OTB Fastlane drops a catchy refrain and verse of his own. After OT’s banner year collecting Billboard Hot 100 hits in 2023, there could very well be a few more coming down the pipeline. — Chelsea Quezada

Hinds - “Boom Boom Back” (ft. Beck)

The (arguably) most successful band to come out of the Madrid garage pop explosion of the last decade is back after a few years of absence with a song that retains its essence without repeating itself. “Boom Boom Back” has everything you love from Hinds: devil-may-care attitude, fun melodies, stripped-down chords, and a beat you can groove to. However, they now display a level of slight sophistication that suggests there’s more to them than surfy guitar riffs. Slacker rock deity Beck makes a cameo, acting like a little blessing for them to experiment while keeping their spirit intact. — Marcos Hassan

Paira - “Como Um Rio”

Paira, the Belo Horizonte duo formed by André Pádua and Clara Borges, are about to drop their very first project, EP 01, via Balaclava Records. But first, they shared a sneak peak titled “Como Um Rio.” Here, they interlock clean, intricate guitar work reminiscing of ‘90s Midwestern emo over drum and bass breaks without an inch of effort. While trading evocative verses, each represents one side of a love story that, like a river, has run its course. The result is a crisp-sounding dream pop bop that yearns over sounds from the past. – Cheky

Toto Peña - “Grave”

Showing off mighty amounts of Prince soul with a dash of Glen Hansard folk tones, Salt Lake City-based musician Toto Peña drops the music video for his newest single, “Grave.” The Venezuelan-American spent some time in New York City earlier in his career, exploring his range as an artist and creating what he called “samba shoegaze.” Now, he’s pivoting to a more soulful phase as he taps into newer sounds and sides of himself he’s discovered along the way and hopes to share. Strumming his pink guitar, a subtle homage to Prince’s Cloud, his emotions break through like sunlight through haze. — Juan J. Arroyo