18 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Lismar to Rubio

Lead Photo: Photo Credit: Izy Films
Photo Credit: Izy Films
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Lismar, Rubio, Nicole Zignago, Isabella Lovestory, and DannyLux. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Lismar - “Delincuente Con Traje”

Making her way to the top in the rap en español game, Dominican MC Lismar shares her latest heater, “Delincuente Con Traje.” On the track, released on Roc Nation, the multi-hyphenate with an undeniable flow game gives listeners an experiential listen into her life. As she blends the rhythmic beats of the Dominican Republic with the more American stylings of Hip-Hop, she narrates a retelling of her own rags-to-riches story. As she juxtaposes her humble past life with her current successful lavish one, the outcome is a powerfully fierce and energetic single enmeshed with exciting textures of sound, visuals, and real-life anecdotes that serve as a testament to her rising talent.– Jeanette Diaz

Isabella Lovestory - “Botoxxx”

It was hard to predict we’d be chanting “Botox” in the club one day, but here we are. Honduran artist Isabella Lovestory’s dembow-tinted new banger, produced by Kamixlo and Chicken, may read at first like a romanticization of the botulinum toxin, but as she sings “Triste, pero no se nota por Botox,” it reveals her critique to what is lost and concealed in the quest for beauty and eternal youth. The best part is that you can dance to it, too.– Cheky

DannyLux - “Decirte Lo Que Siento”

On “Decirte Lo Que Siento,” rising star DannyLux dips his toes in the EDM waters with NYC-based Haitian producer Michaël Brun as his guide, and it’s a fun left turn. The house-fueled dance track turns dreamy with DannyLux’s melancholic voice as he fantasizes about a girl who’s stealing everyone’s stares on the dancefloor, fighting the urge to tell her how he really feels. But in the last few bars, he grabs his guitar and turns the party into a sierreño serenade, hoping that his love interest now turns his way. – Cheky

Daga Voladora - “Diamante”

With her guise Daga Voladora, Cristina Plaza puts her stamp on melodic music using odd elements like deadpan vocals, an insistent electronic beat, slightly noisy elements, and tons of heart. “Diamante” also follows a tradition from the Spanish scene: cutting someone down to size through the art of a pop song; in this case, the track is about someone who talks a big game but fails to follow through, as the lyrics put it: “A shotgun that doesn’t fire / a velvet whip.” “Diamante” is venomous yet irresistible melodic music with a few slightly sharp edges. — Marcos Hassan

Nicole Zignago - “Mas y Meno”

Peruvian singer-songwriter Nicole Zignago captivates with her debut album “escrita.” The power ballad “mas y menos” is the gateway to a deep dive into human emotions, exploring love, heartbreak, self-reflection, and personal growth with sensitivity and strength. With her previous single, “mimos,” a collaboration with Camilo, Nicole has already made waves in the Latin music scene, setting high expectations for her promising musical journey. – Joel Moya

Rubio - "Montaña Rusa" Diego Raposo Remix

Electropop artist and producer Francisca Straube, aka Rubio, and experimental club savant Diego Raposo merge minds for a daydreamy version of “Montaña Rusa,” the latest from Rubio’s new EP Venus & Blue – RMX. Oozing with plenty of ’00s dance track nostalgia, the Dominican producer’s reworking of the track orbits around a jungle-like breakbeat and houses some of his zany futuristic pop flair. Raposo’s newly-added kaleidoscopic production shifts from the original’s darker, somber dynamics to an ethereal haze, making it even more of an intoxicating dance track and one of the standouts among Rubio’s remix EP. – Nayeli Portillo

Mabe Fratti - “Kravitz”

Mabe Fratti has proven to be a true original and she continues to pave her own road by paying tribute to one of her heroes, funk rocker Lenny Kravitz. Unlike her previous efforts, Fratti’s new one relies heavily on the beat, a decisive four-on-the-floor march that doesn’t quite groove but demands attention. Recalling Portishead’s later work, “Kravitz” is abrasive yet vulnerable and boosts both a cinematic scope and a wounded melodicism, letting Mabe’s harmonic sense shine through. On top of that, Mabe makes her cello sound as the funkiest instrument on the planet. — Hassan

Mi Amigo Invencible, Juliana Gattas - “Beso Relámpago”

Beloved Argentine indie rockers Mi Amigo Invencible have been teasing their ninth studio album with a string of effervescent singles that flirt with pop grandeur. Nowhere is this bouncier sound more clearly embraced than on their latest single, “Beso Relámpago,” enlisting Miranda! chanteuse Juliana Gattas for an ode to thrilling romantic electricity. The accompanying music video harkens to classic black-and-white horror cinema, with Mi Amigo-singer Mariano di Cesare doing his best Bela Lugosi impression, while Gattas puts a modern twist on the Bride of Frankenstein to capture the sense of being struck by lighting.– Richard Villegas

Labajura, Vento Alejandro - “Finde”

The latest single from Puerto Rican synth-wave wizard Labajura is “Finde,” a melancholy meditation on weekends spent with an old flame who no longer comes around. For the track, the producer enlisted the vocal stylings of Los Rarxs’ Vento Alejandro, who also appeared on previous singles “Radio Islas” and “Bájale.” “Finde” is the latest teaser from Labajura’s forthcoming LP Costiera, boasting appearances from Ana Macho and Jorge Abejas. – Villegas

Taiana x San Juan Sound - “Orange”

Smoky, sultry, and sensual—all apt words to describe Puerto Rican siren Taiana’s new song, “Orange.” It’s an impressive pivot from the music she’d been doling out recently, which was more in the trap and plugg vein like the riotous “DI$$ BITCHEZZZ.” Much credit goes to San Juan Sound’s Matteo Burr, who produced this track, and also Taiana’s upcoming debut EP, NENA DE FUEGO. That project taps into Taina’s inner torch singer, a talent she’s teased before but now will show off in full glory. A range this impressive doesn’t come by very often, but Taina’s gifts will surely be a treat to every lucky listener who discovers her going forward. – Juan J. Arroyo

Yare - “Que Se Jo…”

Youthful exuberance remains as potent a motivator as it ever was, especially in the face of the challenges new artists face. As Yare releases her debut pop ballad single, “Que Se Jo…,” that’s exactly the go-to attitude she brings. Reflecting on her feelings, she sings about how the finality of time makes the tug-of-war between what her heart wants and what her mind says especially torturous. Ending on the title’s mantra (“F*** It…”), she leans towards doing what would make her feel accomplished and happy, and everyone else will have to get used to it. – Arroyo

BeMyFiasco - “Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover”

Following “Your Body,” BeMyFiasco – born Bianca Rodriguez – is back with her newest offering, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover.” The latest track oozes groovy dance elements on top of a four-on-the-floor steadiness. As far as her R&B vocals go, the singer-songwriter narrates a story about an unrequited love that she’s ready to let go of. This song also marks the first time BeMyFiasco joins Zo! and Tall Black Guy as a producer – making it all that more special. – Jeanette Hernandez

Mario Bautista - “Los Malacostumbre”

Known for his pop music, Mario Bautista is ready to explore another genre. The Mexican artist’s newest song “Los Malacostumbre” dives into perreo tumbado, a sub-genre that captures música mexicana’s traditional requinto guitars and trumpets dancing on top of a rhythmic reggaeton beat. The new innovative Yera-produced track is part of his upcoming album FÉNIX, due June 13, which promises a “personal and professional rebirth.” Is perreo tumbado the next big thing? We’ll have to wait and see. – Hernandez


The cultural and musical influence of corridos tumbados is more apparent than ever in 2024, and 18-year-old Ciudad Obregón, Sonora singer DRIAN, seems like the closest to match breakout star Natanel Cano’s game-changing sound. In the video for “YO SOY,” the newcomer is unflinching and stands face-to-face with listeners and any naysayers. Similarly inspired by the music of the late Ariel Camacho, DRIAN’s melancholic but powerful vocal style fuels the full band-backed and hard-hitting storytelling on “YO SOY,” making him one of the more compelling acts among the expanding roster of young hitmakers in musica mexicana today.– Nayeli Portillo

Jasiel Nuñez - “0 Sentimientos”

Mexican artist Jasiel Nuñez goes through the motions of heartbreak in “0 Sentimientos,” which is a full 180 from his latest collaboration with Tito Double P. Recounting his experience of getting over an ex and leaving behind their shared memories, Nuñez is getting used to being okay with solitude: sorrowful cries and a piercing guitar melody work to effectively match the emotional lyrics. The music video directed by Josué Armenta serves as an extension to the story, seeing the singer in the snow-capped mountains of Japan, at times with nothing but his guitar. – Chelsea Quezada

Nascent ft. BJ The Chicago Kid, Maxo Kream, and Paul Wall - “Spinnin These Blocks”

“Spinnin These Blocks” from Nascent’s sophomore album DON’T GROW UP TOO SOON, is a mesmerizingly smooth R&B number. The Grammy-winning Mexican-American producer recruited seasoned artists like BJ The Chicago Kid and rappers Maxo Kream and Paul Wall to anchor vocals and authoritative verses. The opening lyrics are a cautionary tale: “I know the lights may be beautiful/But please be careful, they may blind you.” The track is just a chapter of Nascent’s life journey told through the album, and his production is top-tier, staying true to his storyline via soundscapes. – Quezada

Angélica Garcia - “Gemini”

Angélica Garcia is not slowing down in proving she is a musical force to be reckoned with, and with her latest single, “Gemini,” she is doubling all of the reasons why. Dropping yet another taste of what’s to come on her upcoming project, Gemelo, she highlights the vocal harmonies to create a multi-dimensional experience. “I see double everywhere I go” is captivatingly repeated as an array of eclectic voices begin to duplicate and continue to do so as they take up different corners of the track’s empty spatial background. Holding down the instrumentation, Garcia thanks receiving help from Carlos Arevalo and Eduardo Arenas (of Chicano Batman), and William Alexander on the groove-fueled, dizzying, and dazzling single. – Jeanette Diaz

Los Niños Vudú - "PARO DE HABLAR"

Los Niños Vudú is back with “PARO DE HABLAR,” a new single that brings 90s vibes to fans of guitar riffs and distorted vocals. The song explores the conflicting thoughts that arise when beginning to develop feelings for someone new, along with the doubts that surface when embracing the experience of falling in love and the inability to control one’s words during this internal struggle.– Moya