16 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Daymé Arocena to Goyo

Lead Photo: Photo by Alex Ayala.
Photo by Alex Ayala.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Daymé Arocena, Goyo, and Gepe. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Daymé Arocena - “Por Ti”

Daymé Arocena just dropped the Eduardo Cabra-produced Alkemi, her first full-length in five years. And only days before, she shared “Por Ti” as her latest single, further showing how she embraced pop stylings in this new era. The Afro-Cuban jazz-inspired track dazzles with a flavorful rhythm and Arocena’s commanding voice as she realizes out loud that she has to walk away from a relationship that has made her dim her light and sacrifice her dreams with no gain other than heartache. – Cheky

Goyo - “Insomnia”

Goyo introduces an exploration of a new, edgier, and more alternative sound in her latest single, “Insomnia.” With the help of seasoned hip-hop producer Illmind, the track introduces the gritty riff lines of electric guitar, as it twists into the sounds of uptempo hip-hop beats to set up an eccentric backdrop for her spitfire flows that wrap around the idea of resiliency and the process of reclaiming one’s inner strength. With so many troubles at the ready to keep us up at night, the track is a declaration that music can always bring us back to center and save us from ourselves. – Jeanette Diaz

Gepe - “Paloma (feat. Belencha)”

Chile’s very own Gepe is back with the lead single, “Paloma,” from his highly-anticipated ninth studio album. Best known for modernizing Chilean folk, the Latine music stalwart naturally called up folklorist Belencha to round out the track. Together, they put the story of the designated bird to an electrifying sound, detailing her fearless spirit as she moves through the world. In a statement about the track, Gepe recalls producing the afrobeats and Andean-inspired arrangement while searching for inspiration in his own wide catalog. While Gepe famously takes an alternative route when it comes to pop music, he promises more surprises in the lead-up to his next project. — Chelsea Quezada

Caleb Calloway, Alejo, Moffa, Robi - "0 Millas"

Following “EN LA RAYA,” Puerto Rican artist Caleb Calloway enlisted compatriots and like-minded sound makers Alejo, Moffa, and Robi on his newest pop reggaeton banger “0 Millas.” With echoing electronic synths woven into a reggaeton base and an ambient tinge, the boricua quartet delivered their latest enticing collaboration about seducing a non-committing baddie who has their full attention. The result? Another alluring reggaeton song for your risqué situationship perreo playlist. – Jeanette Hernandez

Nino Augustine & Walshy Fire - “ENCENDIO”

Nino Augustine has the vision. For the last couple of years, the globetrotting Panamanian rapper and tastemaker has bounced between his early Atlanta stomping grounds, Cali’s thriving Afro-Colombian music industry, and most recently, harnessing the amapiano wave pouring out of South Africa. His latest single “ENCENDIO” melds all these influences, tapping producer Jahboy and Major Lazer DJ and MC Walshy Fire for a jet-set ass-throwing experience filled with throbbing riddims. Augustine’s cheeky boasts are boosted by Walshy Fire’s gratifying hypeman adlibs, while sinister deep-club synths will transport you to a decadent VIP room complete with baddy-assisted bottle service. – Richard Villegas

Polimá Westcoast, Brray, Juanka -  “MARGIELA”

Polimá Westcoast has been in the game for a minute now, writing music and collaborating with other like-minded Chilean artists since 2015. Five albums and over 7 million Spotify followers later, he is still growing as an artist, and his stand-out track “MARGIELA” is a testament to this growth. The track is a deep cut from the deluxe version of 2023’s De Camino De Hermes — Westcoast’s latest amalgamation of reggaeton, Chilean trap, and urban pop. “MARGIELA” is a suave march of confidence, an exploration of self after succeeding while showcasing that there’ll always be work to be done. The track’s irresistible instrumental is provided by Taiko, the same producer responsible for some of the best tracks from Bad Bunny and J. Balvin. – Alan Baez

Lexa Frontanes - “Un Mundo Sin Ti”

While singer-songwriter Lexa Frontanes has typically kept her music within the sounds of R&B and indie trap soul, this week she releases “Un Mundo Sin Ti,” a solemn folk-tinged alt-pop ballad that allows her to stretch her talents even further. The young Puerto Rican artist taps into the universal feelings of longing and missed opportunities, never placing blame on any particular doorstep. It’s a more meditative track for her, and she seamlessly segues from dulcet harmonies to bouncy lyricism, underlining each sentiment at the heart of the song. As she continues exploring the range of her voice and pen, her potential becomes clearer and more exciting. — Juan J. Arroyo

Brainstory - “Listen”

This amazing trio of young musicians is currently releasing some of their best material yet, and “Listen” might be one of the top contenders for their best song. At moments sounding like an homage to ‘70s yacht rock, you can hear complex jazz chords, vintage analog synth lines, and rich vocal harmonies intersect in a delightfully mellow listening experience. Brainstory revels in their musical chops in the service of a song that’s as easy-going as a warm Sunday afternoon. “Listen” lets us know that Brainstory are serious artists who love to take listeners into a soft retreat of the mind. — Marcos Hassan

Maricuir - “Cuulero”

Chihuahua singer/songwriter Encanto Espinosa García is back with her Maricuir alias to give us the second volume of her Ternura Gore project, which includes the sharp ‘60s-tinted jam “Cuulero.” Backed by full-on classic rock instrumentation, Maricuir uses her theatrical voice to heal from heartbreak, turning a toxic relationship into a sour learning experience. But make no mistake: she has forgiven but certainly not forgotten. – Cheky

Reyna Tropical - “Conocerla”

Reyna Tropical continues their journey to their debut album with their latest single “Conocerla.”  A love song in a less traditional sense, the hypnotic and seductive slow burn dances around in the liminal spaces of sensual self-exploration. Carried through with Fabi Reyna’s soft, lush vocals, the rhythmic guitar takes center stage, as the pulsating melodies are replicated consistently as the song builds, which lead to sudden breaks into sunken bass lines to amplify moments of tension and relaxation that parallel the profusion of experiences that encompass the journey of queer self-love and acceptance. – Jeanette Diaz

Martox - “Y Qué (feat. Lena Dardelet)”

Following an EP release last autumn, singer-producer duo Martox recruited French-Dominican artist Lena Dardelet for a track that’s in favor of keeping things positive. On “Y Qué,” the trio leans into their collective Dominican culture, with Martox’s Eduardo Baldera marrying afrobeats and R&B for a bright soundscape. As for the other half of the pair, vocalist Juan Miguel Martínez and Dardelet exude joy and optimism through their voices, and it’s especially charming when they sing as one. Power outages, missed alarms, and rainy days will not rule their day, because, as they sing: “Todo lo malo pasará.” — Chelsea Quezada

Manuka Honey & Safety Trance feat. La Favi - “I Like It”

Manuka Honey, Safety Trance, and La Favi are taking you to a post-apocalyptic underground rave with their newest collaboration, “I Like It.” The experimental, synth-heavy, and reggaeton drums-driven offering is part of Manuka Honey’s upcoming EP 3Eternities Beneath You. With siren pop vocals and a cinematic introduction, the eccentric trio delivered a hypnotic, somewhat cryptic, rave anthem that invites you to a sweaty, foggy, green strobe light dancefloor upon first listen. It’s also worth mentioning that the track also features heavy percussions that add a unique and thrilling aspect to the number. – Jeanette Hernandez

ARIEL, Victor Internet - “Mi Nombre”

Dare we dream of Spring? Well, ARIEL’s (fka Ariel & The Culture) brand new single “Mi Nombre” has arrived like a much-needed ray of sunshine, warming hearts and nourishing smiles with some giddy romantic pop. Enlisting longtime collaborator Victor Internet, the pair channel mexi-pop greats like Belanova and Julieta Venegas as they weave a tale of kindred spirits where two become one over fluttering guitars and dreamy retro synths. – Richard Villegas

Andria Rose - "Cherries"

While Valentine’s Day may have passed, love and lust are still in the air, and that intoxicating infatuation is provided by Texas-based alt-R&B songstress Andria Rose. “Cherries” is the latest track from the San Antonio singer/songwriter and brings a sensual and romantic haze to the atmosphere with its dreamy/ near euphoric instrumental. Coupled with Rose’s seductive voice, the track is a ballad for lovers current and past, driven by a jazzy drum snare and ocean wave sample that captures this fleeting moment of passion. The soothing lullaby is the first track of the new year for the singer, coming after last year’s “Daddy Issues,” and fans can expect more progressive, jazzy tunes to come later this year. – Alan Baez

Marley - “El Secreto”

For longtime fellow New Yorkers, singer-songwriter Marley has been a welcome sight for years, busking for commuters and entertaining them with originals and covers. But now, she’s ready to dive into a full-fledged career as an artist — first with last year’s “Un Weekend Contigo” and this week dropping “El Secreto.” The song is a mesmerizing pop ballad with soulful touches that shows off the Dominican songstress’ versatile voice, gliding from note to note. She tells a story with her cadence, sounding more vulnerable and resigned as the song tapers off, closing the book on her unrequited love and leaving all her emotions on the track. — Juan J. Arroyo

Bulin 47 - “Hanna” 

Dominican rapper Bulin 47 has never been afraid to try something different, but his new song might be his most daring and vulnerable to date. Dedicating it to his daughter, Bulin pens noble feelings in a straightforward manner. However, the music has several aspects that take it to the next level. On “Hanna,” the singer takes the basics of norteño/mariachi and mixes them with 808s, finger snaps, and other drum machine trickery while bringing a form of sing-rapping that pretty much breaks the mold. “Hanna” is a sentimental track that you could also throw into a Friday night playlist. — Marcos Hassan