INTERVIEW: Goyo Is the First Afro-Latina Performer at the Victoria’s Secret Show

Goyo on the red carpet at the Victoria's Secret World Tour 2023 event at The Manhattan Center on September 6, 2023 in New York, New York. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images)

Goyo is proudly representing Latinas in the new Victoria’s Secret campaign. Last night (Sep. 6), the Colombian star performed at an event in New York City for Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23 premiere. Remezcla caught up with Goyo on the pink carpet and chatted about her involvement in the iconic fashion show, her new music, and what’s next.

“I’m very excited!” Goyo told Remezcla’s editor-in-chief, Thatiana Diaz Roman. “I have a lot of love for the brand and how they are sharing their platform so that artists from different parts of the world can share our talent and our music. This is my first global campaign where I’m doing something like this.”

Gloria “Goyo” Martínez rose to prominence in the Latin Grammy-winning group ChocQuibTown. She hails from Chocó, Colombia, and has since become a solo star. Now, Goyo is continuing to spread her wings as part of Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23. The lingerie brand tapped creatives from around the world to create capsule collections, including Colombia, Nigeria, and Japan.

“Music has always been a part of fashion,” she says. “I’m also super involved when it comes to fashion. It’s an impactful runway. We remember the moments when those songs were playing. I believe music and fashion have always been super united.”

Goyo was selected as part of the House of Bogotá. The collective is made up of all Colombian women, including designer Melissa Valdes, filmmaker Cristian Sanchez, visual artist Lorena Torres, and dancer PICIIS. They teamed up with Goyo to create a performance for her upcoming single “Tumbao,” which will air during Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23 special. The group tied the performance and lingerie collection to the show’s theme of “the scars that women have on their bodies.”

“I had a lot of freedom,” Goyo shares. “[My team] told me, ‘We’re familiar with your work, so do what you want to do.’ The whole process was very beautiful. We talked about our scars, the capsule, and empowerment for the recording of this performance.”

In Nov. 2019, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was canceled after claims that it was not inclusive to all women and body types. Now, as one of the faces of the campaign, Goyo adds that the company is seeing things differently for The Tour ’23.

“I think what Victoria’s Secret is trying to show as a brand is that it’s not like before,” she notes. “That the world has changed. That there’s inclusion. There are sizes for everyone. There are colors for everyone. They’re reflecting a bit of the world that we’re in today.”

Goyo made history last night as the first Afro-Latina to perform at the premiere event. The full visual performance of “Tumbao” will air as part of Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23 on Sep. 26 on Amazon Prime. Goyo’s fierce song, dropping on Sep. 21, perfectly reflects her upcoming album and message as an artist. 

“It’s a danceable song about empowerment,” she says. “Each person has their own tumbao. It’s not my tumbao. It’s the tumbao that you have and you need to recognize to keep going.” 

Check out the Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23 trailer, which features “Tumbao,” below.