15 Reasons Everyone Needs to Follow Cuco on Twitter Immediately

Lead Photo: Photo by Jerry Rangel. Courtesy of Cuco
Photo by Jerry Rangel. Courtesy of Cuco
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If you’re a faithful Remezcla follower, chances are you’re familiar with Cuco, the 19-year-old Chicano artist whose career skyrocketed in 2017. Over the course of the last 12 months, Omar Banos has gone from playing house shows in Los Angeles to selling out multiple tours. He has built a massive following from his tender and cosmic love songs, which resonate with so many of us sadgirls.

But there’s no doubt part of his appeal also comes from his hysterical Twitter account, @icryduringsex. Both The Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly cite his Twitter as an important part of his story, with good reason. The Hawthorne native’s irreverent sense of humor is comedy gold, and most importantly, he uses his platform for good, too; Banos regularly highlights and signal boosts the work of DACA and TPS activists.

So of course, we decided to compile some of our favorite Cuco tweets, and highlight some of the reasons you should follow him immediately. Scroll down for some LOLs, and make sure you catch him on tour with Lido Pimienta and Helado Negro this month.


Because he brainstorms wild DJ names


Because he referred to Fender & Supreme's collab as a "cloutocaster"


Because you never know what you're gonna get


Because he reminds us that learning to love yourself is a journey


Because he offers to sell his ideas for rapper names at a bargain


Because he makes dank Gigi Hadid and Runescape memes


Because he also makes dank soda memes


Because he knows that a Gucci Mane cover of "Las Mañanitas" is necessary


Because he also contemplates the true meaning of Metro Boomin's producer drop


Because his musical influences go deep


Because he captures the streetwear zeitgeist


Because he knows what it's like when a white person tries it


Because he reminds us to work hard


Because he also has everyday struggles


Because he continues to support immigration activists