5 Rising Acts To Watch Out For At Festival Marvin’s Digital 2021 Edition

Lead Photo: Images courtesy of the artists. Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Images courtesy of the artists. Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Festival Marvin’s 2021 edition is here, once again embracing the digital format that made last year’s lockdown installment a roaring success. Airing from May 12 to 14, the wide array of performances will be broadcasted from hubs in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Granada, Gothenburg, Los Angeles, Madrid, Santiago de Chile and Sevilla. The lineup is made up of over 60 artists and a cavalcade of comedians, guest speakers and workshops, while remaining completely free to international audiences. You’ll be able to watch on Marvin’s very own platform as well as mirror signals on Amazon Music and Twitch. All you need to do is register here.

The schedule includes talks with legendary bands Mogwai and Pavement, a creators workshop with Nortec Collective’s Bostich a.k.a. Ramón Amezcua and a panel discussion on the future of live music festivals. You should also tune in for stellar performances from Fito Paez, Javiera Mena, Katzú Oso, and El Último Vecino, all of which will air in 15 minute intervals; so, make sure to keep a close watch on the screen and your clock. In addition, while the stars promise to shine as brightly as ever, we highly encourage you to stick around for the many names on the rise gracing your screen this year. 

From perreo agitators to grungy reinas, here are five emerging acts to keep an eye out for at Festival Marvin 2021:

Las Nubes


Before the COVID-19 pandemic sent live music into a year-long hiatus, psych-tinged Miami natives Las Nubes kickstarted 2020 with a wild tour through Mexico and the Southwestern US in support of their debut EP SMVT. The band chose their moves carefully during lockdown, releasing only the excellent single “Tararear” (which made our best of 2020 picks) and hunkering down in the studio to work on new music. Their May 14 performance will allow Las Nubes to reintroduce themselves to Mexican fans, and if we’re lucky, they might show off some new sounds in the process.



Much has changed since we first sat down with Sailorfag; Hermosillo’s prodigious goth beauty influencer turned viral rapper. With two hit mixtapes under their belt, numerous fashion campaigns and festival appearances, and new music on the way, it’s only a matter of time before Sailorfag is consecrated a global phenomenon. Their buzzy May 12 performance will be followed by the Friday premiere of new single “Bellakosa”—a spooky perreo banger that will melt your eyeliner off.


Known for cinematic collisions of Chilean folk and urgent power guitar, Chini Ayarza broke out almost a decade ago at the front of cult favorites Chini and the Technicians. But the world changes, and with Chile on a tumultuous path to rebirth, Ayarza began concocting a fresh set of musical diatribes released under the name Chini.png. Her 2020 debut EP Ctrl+Z includes a foray into despair on “Está Bien,” a resilient turn on “Plan C” and the flat out apocalyptic “Fricativa Velar Sorda,” charging her May 14 set with moody anticipation.


Crunchy, fuzzy punk band Meelt from Mexico City are like an asteroid of the Chilango underground ready to crash land anywhere with a functioning stage. The duo of Alejandra and Uriel made a splash in 2019 with two explosive EPs featuring punishing favorites like “Golpe de Calor” and a cover of Gloria Trevi’s “Doctor Psiquiatra.” Their no-holds-barred performances are only amplified by their instrumental austerity. They’ll need only a bass, drum kit and distorted wails to shake up Marvin audiences on May 12.

Nueve Desconocidos

19-year old Spanish newcomer Nueve Desconocidos hit the scene at the top of 2021 with his debut single “Todos Mis Cristales,” delivering a concise mission statement of dusty, nostalgic sounds. His follow-up single “Preguntas” snagged a shimmery guest spot from El Último Vecino, who pushed the project from bashful post-punk into angsty new wave, all ahead of Nueve Desconocidos’ debut EP rumored for release later this year. With so much promise in store, don your most shoulder-padded jacket and get into the groove of his May 14 performance.