Five Women That Are New Voices in Latino Hip-Hop

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While rummaging through the vast virtual fields of Internet land for info on up-and-coming Latin female MCs, one might feel a little discouraged. Browse through mixtape sites, specialized blogs, and music matching systems, and you might come up with very few names, and even those you might stumble upon you might already know.

It would be dumb to think that there are no new lady rhymers on the horizon. Women have been at it since the inception of hip-hop, so why is it so hard to find out about the next generation who might change the game?

There are, of course, some powerful rhymesayers making the rounds and getting attention, but they seem to be more like an exception rather than the rule. From what I gathered, some of the best female rappers operate at an insular level with perhaps a few buds and a small crew on their corner. Others, however, are part of female/feminist-centric collectives, mentioned in hushed tones by their fans, while being adored by an enthusiastic minority. Perhaps Latin hip-hop is still very much a segregated field.

For this list, I gathered five female artists working in the hip-hop scene who are talented where it counts. Other than that, some have little in common with one another. A few sip champagne with the biggest names in pop, while others are close to their indigenous communities. A bright side demonstrated by this list is that Latin female emcees are free to express their personalities and worries in all senses of the word, freeing the flow from clichés and compromise.

Three of the five artists mentioned in this article hail from the US, which speaks more loudly about a bigger scene there than in other Latam countries, where it’s more of a niche market with far less activity, comparatively-speaking. This has nothing to do with talent, but everything with exposure. This is a small sample of what’s going on, so we invite you to add whoever you feel deserves to be on our watchlist on the comments.

Here are five of the most talented new female rappers to get excited about.

Mare Advertencia Lirika

Photo by Visionary Mind.

Of Zapoteca descent, the Oaxaca, Mexico native has become one of the fiercest and most fearless science-droppers in the underground. Her lyrics touch on political, social, feminist, and indigenous consciousness with an amazing singing voice and even better battling skills. It would be amazing to see Mare share a stage with La Mala or Ana Tijoux, and wreck grammatical truth on concertgoers.


The Pharrell Williams protegé is on the rise and she has everything it takes to break big. Though we’ve covered Bia previously, her work is worth another mention because we have to emphasis her prowess as a venom spitter, which recalls ’90s queens of flow Lil Kim and Rah Digga.

Becky G

Nothing says “new millennium” like Rebbeca Marie Gómez. She got her start doing her own version of famous tracks and uploading them to YouTube, after which she transitioned to working with industry powerhouses Dr Luke,, and Pitbull, writing songs for Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd, and even opening for Katy Perry on her most recent tour. Given her already-proven hustle, a song like “Shower” could potentially launch her into megastardom. Not bad for a 17 year old.

Kat Dahlia

Here’s a talent that you don’t hear often: an emcee with serious flow and presence that conjures an inviting, relatable pop aura. Kat Dahlia has the talent of effortlessly combining a fantastic voice with enviable rhyming skills, while touching on a variety of subjects. No wonder the Cuban American has gathered recognition from legendary figures like Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

Sara Hebe

The Argentine spitter has been gathering attention the old fashioned way, taking one country on at the time with her talent. Sara released her first album, La Hija del Loco, in 2009, after which she relentlessly toured her home country, Brazil, Venezuela, and Chile. She’s no newcomer, per se, but her slow burn is paying off, aided in no small part by the heft of her wordcraft and her lively fusion sound.