Here’s Some New Music You Should Be Listening to This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever – whether it be via social media, streaming or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting. In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week.

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Gaby de los Santos - "Reversa"

The hardest part of any relationship is letting go and moving on when a cycle has inevitably come to an end. Dominican singer-songwriter Gaby de los Santos tackles this complex emotional conundrum with poetic grace on her latest single “Reversa.” Acknowledging the difficulty of stepping into a lonelier future, she poignantly reminds the listener, “Todo lo que fluye se irá.” The release is accompanied by a beautiful stop-motion video produced by de los Santos, where a clay figure stuck in quicksand must let go of their baggage to climb out of the pit that drags them ever deeper—a clear metaphor for release delivered with gentle empathy. –Richard Villegas

El Freaky & Mabiland - “Vamos a Jugarnos Todo”

Colombian collective El Freaky continue their run of collaborative singles. Their latest two being the Juanes-featuring “Tesoro de Amor” and a joint track with R&B force of nature Mabiland. With a trap-inspired beat and moody electric guitar picking, Mabiland takes to sing and rap to a love interest who’s been hurt before, promising them that things will be different in her arms. –Cheky

Mourn - “Men”

Considering the singles that Mourn has shared with us so far, their new album is fast becoming the soundtrack to our frustrations and anxieties in 2020. Add “Men” to the list of hits about awful subject matters for the Barcelona band to rail against. The song is pretty self-explanatory. “Men” details the shitty behavior of guys. The group expresses their point in a skronky and fun as hell fashion so that you can take those shitty situations and merrily scream along to them. –Marcos Hassan

Moldes - “Los Olivos”

Lima’s Moldes return to the spotlight with a new single titled “Los Olivos,” which is as rocking as it is moving. With their gaze fixed to their shoes, the band crafted a dynamic number that’s all about nostalgia. Inspired by teenage memories of going back home after a Sunday at the beach, the song is covered with a melancholic veil that makes our heart ache. –Cheky

Terry vs. Tori - “Magic Hour”

The Sevilla, Spain band knows you miss ‘80s dance party nights so, to satisfy your craving, they have dropped a new song that captures the feeling of the best tracks of said night. “Magic Hour” struts in a comfy way, dresses the ambience in a cosmopolitan manner and invites you to the dancefloor with a slight urgency through mechanical-yet-swinging basslines. “Magic Hour” is a short escape from our current world and into an era when everything was possible. –Marcos Hassan

Santa Madero - "Quemarte a la Mitad"

Peruvian indie pop trio Santa Madero steps back into the spotlight with a bold new single titled “Quemarte a la Mitad,” the first cut off their upcoming produced-in-quarantine EP. Unspooling the recent breakup between singer Karina Castillo and keyboardist Dan Joe Salazar, the track is an intimate meditation on the complexities of severing romantic ties without spoiling internal band dynamics. Come for the confessionals, but stay for the robust synths, hypnotic beats and Castillo’s soaring vocals. –Richard Villegas

Mau Lynx – "Down"

A delightful dose of Puerto Rican dream pop to jumpstart your day, Mau Lynx has unveiled his brand new EP Fields, combining the chillwave sensibilities of previous releases with atmospheric guitars and anthemic songwriting. On stand out track “Down,” Lynx feverishly pleads with a lover to try and salvage a fleeting romance, aided by warbling synths and barreling drums that bolster his noble but futile efforts. –Richard Villegas

Alizzz - “Todo Me Sabe a Poco”

Think you had Alizzz figured out? Think again. On “Todo Me Sabe a Poco,” the Catalan producer moves away from his work with the likes of C. Tangana and Javiera Mena and his hyper-glossy early output. Here, he dusts off his trusty guitar and gets behind the mic for the first time to give us a pensive track where he sees constant dissatisfaction as fuel to move forward, for better or worse. –Cheky

Sr. Amable - “Constelación” ft. Estela Borja

Amable, one of Chihuahua’s premiere indie rock singer-songwriters, is known mostly for his witty and humorous lyrics but for “Constelación,” he goes for something abstract and emotional, in turn making the track one of his top songs in this prolific year. The metaphorical track takes flight through “spinning,” both as a lyrical action and a sound resource, becoming a part of the arrangement as the chords swirl and both his and guest Estela Borja vocals intone a mantra of loneliness and love dissolved. –Marcos Hassan