Here’s the New Music We’re Listening to This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever—whether it be via social media, streaming, or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting. In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week.

Jean Dawson - “Starface*”


Los Angeles-based artist Jean Dawson released “Starface*” ahead of his awaited debut album Pixel Bath on October 23. On this track, he continues to revolt pop concepts with mesmerizing results. He opens his eyes and sees the evil in people; he can’t deal with it and runs away through the sound maze he built with tall reverbs and a shifting electronic beat. –Cheky

Foliage - “What I Deserve”

Sometimes deep emotions ask for different sounds to express themselves through song; something Manuel Joseph Walker perhaps might have thought to do on his latest. Under Foliage, he used to dabble in indie rock/soul but has now traded his guitars for synths. The new palette of sound adds a whole new layer of nostalgia to his music, resulting in “What I Deserve”—a lovely and sad song that sounds like an atemporal expression of emotion. –Marcos Hassan

IXXF & Catnapp “1MF”

Berlin-based producer IXXF dropped another preview of their upcoming self-titled debut album, and it’s a mind-altering collaboration with Argentine artist Catnapp on alien vocals. The explosive, squeaky “1MF” jokes with the idea of having a million friends online and not knowing a single one of them in person but it’s only funny until it really sinks in. This is not the utopia Roberto Carlos dreamed of. –Cheky

Nakury & Barzo - “Ríos”

One of the groovier cuts on their new joint album O, “Ríos” finds Costa Rican dynamic duo Nakury and Barzo deep in their element of conscientious songwriting and dance floor-crowding beats. Nakury, one of Central America’s most astute rappers, delivers a poignant message of environmental awareness, while Barzo’s pristine production draws from elements of funk and dancehall to spin a delicious sonic canvas of tropical futurism. –Richard Villegas

Lika Nova - “Quédate Cerca”

One of the most common feelings of despair known to us is the yearn to be with someone when they aren’t close by. Colombia’s Lika Nova try to put it as plainly and directly as possible in their new track, a caffeinated power-pop track that emits desperation. While the song’s fast pace and massive guitar chords may say “angst,” the chorus of “Quédate Cerca” invites you to let loose, sing along and deal with your feelings. –Marcos Hassan

María y José – “Mala Hierba”

A little over four years ago, Tony Gallardo parted ways with his balaclava-clad alter ego María y José, leaving legions of Latin hipsters to mourn one of the OGs of Ruidosón while continuously releasing riveting work under his legal name and new pseudonyms in El Capricho and La Fiebre X. Now, with the apocalypse at our doorstep, María y José is back with a brand new EP filled with visceral jungle sounds drawing from tribal guarachero and Gallardo’s love for tropical music samples. His latest single is “Mala Hierba,” an unrelenting bass-heavy diatribe about remaining a thorn in the side of an overproduced and virulently capitalistic zeitgeist; donning his mask once again to expose the fetid inner workings of our decaying society. –Richard Villegas

PLUMA - “Mais do Que Eu Sei Falar”

Up-and-coming São Paulo quartet Pluma just released their debut EP titled Mais do Que Eu Sei Falar and, if this is how you kick off your career, the future looks bright. The title track is a playful number that bounces with time signature changes and jazzy nods in which singer Marina Reis glides above it all with her velvety voice and lyrics about a love so good it’s worth surrendering to. –Cheky

Sonido Berzerk - “Ceres”

When it comes to the riotous and chaotic fun that is juke music, few can display it as well as Veracruz, Mexico’s Sonido Berzerk and “Ceres” might be a perfect display of the genre. This speed freak dance cut keeps things simple, yet the urgency in which every musical element gets integrated into the mix adds to the excitement of the track. The vortex of sound invites you to sweat it out at an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. –Marcos Hassan

Mán Cub - “All That To Say”

Chicago’s Mán Cub has steadily carved a name for himself as an exciting local crooner to watch, following a string of soulful singles designed to stick to your eardrums like lycra pants on a scorching summer day. His latest gem is “All That To Say,” an impressively mature meditation on how our mistakes and failures shouldn’t keep us from living in the moment but instead give us the encouragement and serenity to face whatever new adventure life has in store for us today. Mán Cub’s philosophical message arrives via irresistibly syrupy vocals, framed within hypnotic, slow-burning percussion and robust but never intrusive guitar chords. –Richard Villegas