INTERVIEW: Los Aptos Break Down Stand-Out Tracks on New Album ‘Descifrar’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Warner Music Latina.
Courtesy of Warner Music Latina.
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Los Aptos are taking their music to the next level. Today (June 23), the Mexican-American band released their new album Descifrar. Across the 11-track LP, Los Aptos push their sad sierreño sound into the future with pop and alternative music elements. 

“This album is a new branding for Los Aptos, and it’s way better in writing, production, and just overall,” lead singer Juan Ortega tells Remezcla. “It’s amazing. From this album, I want people to take a new perspective on Los Aptos. This is what Los Aptos is. A lot of the old stuff doesn’t represent who we are now. This album is the correct interpretation of Los Aptos and where it’s going.”

The band is known for the layered vocals in their songs that set them apart from other regional Mexican music acts. Ortega notes that the inspiration came from listening to the music of Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. The guys are putting a refreshing spin on sierreño that reflects their bicultural upbringing. “The music that we make is definitely a product of being a Mexican-American kid,” Ortega says. Los Aptos is part of the Gen-Z acts that are redefining the sound of regional Mexican music. 

“Just to be able to express música Mexicana in a different way doesn’t mean it’s not música Mexicana,” he adds. “It’s música Mexicana with a whole bunch of influences, and it’s getting upgraded and evolving. It’s super cool. It’s not just regional anymore. It’s global.”

After teaming up with DannyLux last year, he joins Los Aptos again for the alternative-influenced song “Tu Me Llevas a Un Espacio.” Mexican-American singer Cuco, an artist who Ortega looks up to, also jumps on the new album. He features on the psychedelic track “Miel.” 

To commemorate the release of the LP, Ortega breaks down five of the standout songs on Los Aptos’ Descifrar album. 

"Tu Me Llevas a Un Espacio" (feat. DannyLux)

That was super cool. There were certain artists that I wanted to work with, and DannyLux was one of them. We hadn’t been able to work with him since “Me Voy Contigo.” The new stuff that I had been working on and writing the new songs, I heard his voice on it. I’m like, “He would be super good on this song.” We have the same manager, so he was able to show it to him, and Danny really liked the song. He was able to hop on it, and it was super good. He laid down his vocals, and it came out super smooth. It was everything that I imagined it would be.

"Miel" (feat. Cuco)

That was a dream come true for real. I believed that maybe one day we could work with him, but I didn’t think it would come this soon. I’ve been a fan of his since maybe eighth grade. I was just a fan, and now we got to work with him. It’s mind-boggling. He was such a great person and so humble and easy to work with that it didn’t even feel like I was working with this idol that I had idolized for so long. It felt like I was just working with a friend. He was that nice and such a good person. We’re super happy with what came out. He was one of the first big artists to look in our direction and see our potential. 

"Hace Mucho Tiempo"

A lot of the music I write isn’t necessarily about me. I’m just writing stories. I wanted to write a song that was kind of like a drunk text or a drunk call. For example, if it was me, I’m calling this ex after I’ve had a couple of drinks. Maybe it’s not the best idea to call, but he ends up calling. He’s talking to the girl; It’s super cool. That’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. The way the story builds up and flows. It’s inspired by reggaeton music because it has that kind of vibe. Obviously, it’s sierreño, but the way the lyrics are written and it bounces, it’s super similar to reggaeton, so it was inspired by Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Rels B.


I feel like with every song on the album, you can pinpoint what I was inspired by at that time. That one it’s very folksy. I was super inspired by Ed Maverick and Kevin Kaarl. That’s what I was listening to during that time period when I was writing music. I wanted to make a finger-picking-style song like them. One day, I just picked up the guitar, and I sang the first words. And from there, I just kind of started writing it. I wanted to make a super emotional folksy song like them. 

"Tu Labial"

“Tú Me Llevas a Un Espacio,” “Tu Labial,” and “Un Poquito Más” are those songs with a very poppy style. I was listening to a lot of pop music. Sometimes your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves their belongings in your car. Someone who is not in a relationship anymore, their ex probably left their belongings in the car, and they forgot. This person was doing good. They were forgetting about the past situation. They were finally moving on. One day, they get home, they look in the car, and her lipstick is there. It just brings back all the emotions. That’s what the song is about, bringing back everything in the past after you thought you were moving on. Finding that lipstick just messed it all up.