A Presenter Didn’t Realize Juan Gabriel Died & 9 More Moments from the Latin Grammys

Lead Photo: Photo by Mandalay Bay
Photo by Mandalay Bay
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One year ago, Maná and Los Tigres del Norte used the Latin Grammys stage to make a statement about Latinos’ voting power. With one simple sign that read “Latinos Unidos, No Voten Por Los Racistas!” they urged Latinos to denounce hatred. Fresh off an election that ended in the nomination of demagogue Donald Trump – a result that could negatively affect millions of Latinos – we expected the show to once again address the political climate. And while there were some minor references, the show mostly steered clear of this topic, with some reporters claiming that they were advised not to ask questions about politics.

And while it’s disappointing, it was still an enjoyable, if predictable night with 47 awards up for grabs. While the ceremony mostly tends to celebrate the same artists year after year, we tune in because whether we love it or not, it’s still one of the biggest industry nights of the year. And once again, we found that not all the best stuff happened on stage. Here are 10 things that happened at the Latin Grammys:


Carla Morrison Wins Best Alternative Song

Carla Morrison won Best Alternative Song for “Vez Primera.” When she accepted her award, she said, “Let’s not allow any cabrón naranja take away our emotional and spiritual liberties.”


Alex Anwandter and Julieta Venegas Shared a Cute Moment on the Red Carpet

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Céu Wins Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album

Céu’s Tropix earned her a Latin Grammy.


J Balvin Sparkled and Took Home a Latin Grammy

J Balvin won the Best Urban Music Album for Energía.


"Encantadora" Wins Best Urban Song


J Balvin Was Well Accompanied

J Balvin hung out with Pharrell, Kap G, Sky Rompiendo, and Bia. Pharrell also sang in Spanish during a performance of “Safari.”


Diego Luna Called for Solidarity

Diego Luna made a powerful statement when he co-presented an award with Julieta Venegas. “Together we can combat hate and discrimination,” he said. “We’re stronger together.”


Julieta Venegas Had a Great Night

On top of snapping pics with Alex Anwandter, J Balvin, Carla Morrison, and presenting with Diego Luna, Julieta also won the Best Pop/Rock Album award for Algo Sucede.


J.Lo and Marc Anthony Kissed

Marc Anthony won the Person of the Year award, but no one cares because he kissed J. Lo. Then, he went on a kissing spree.

Marc Anthony won the Person of the Year award, but no one cares because he kissed J. Lo. Then, he went on a kissing spree.


Juan Gabriel Wins His First Latin Grammy, and It Was Awk

Juan Gabriel took home three Latin Grammys, including Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year. To close out the show, Dvicio presented the Album of the Year award, announcing that Juanga had won. Not only did one of the members misstate the name of the album, he also may not have known that El Divo passed away earlier this year.