10 Latino Artists With Killer Merch You Should Cop

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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A show, festival, or exciting pop culture moment might seem fleeting, but an artist’s merch allows us to steep in that feeling a little longer, all while supporting the artists and franchises we love. Keep in mind that merch is an opportunity for artists to make long-lasting, tangible impressions on fans, showcasing their brand, sense of humor, and even political views. In many cases, it’s also an essential part of a musician’s income, given the high cost of equipment, studio time, and touring.

Over the last few years, musicians have truly stepped up their game when it comes to merchandising, elevating the quality of their designs beyond the simple emotional value of these mementos into far more stylish territory. Vinyl records, high-end posters, and original artwork have come back en vogue, and high-fashion crossovers are now commonplace, as artists cater to more discerning audiences. And make no mistake: band tees will be forever cool, but signature sneakers like these and these are hard to beat.

In the spirit of decadence and late-night shopping sprees, we’ve put together a list of Latino artists selling some of the coolest merch today. Sure, threads and music are the top sellers, but you’ll be surprised by what the right combination of innovation and wit can land in your online cart.


Helado Negro

Helado Negro could not have foreseen the long-term impact of his song “Young, Latin & Proud,” especially in today’s volatile social and political climate. But brandishing the now iconic slogan on a T-shirt (and tote bags) has since given our resistance movement an unofficial uniform, perennially popular at parties and marches. Check out his store for the shirts, plus music on CD, vinyl and cassette.

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The Mexican collective’s creative reach extends far beyond the worlds of music and event production. Aside from their own cheeky line of T-shirts, hot sauce, lighters, the NAAFI crew regularly teams up with buzzy designers like Barragán for avant-garde fashion creations and chic installation work.

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The Hawthorne, California native has a massive year still ahead, packed with touring, another performance at Coachella, and the recent announcement of his forthcoming EP, out this May. However, it was the unexpected reveal of Cuco’s streetwear line Fantasy’s Easy Living this past February, that left fans and colleagues in awe of the entrepreneurial prowess of this rising star.

Follow their official Twitter account for updates and upcoming pop-up shops.



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Now available at GAZI.WORLD

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AUSTIN #ToTheLight 🍃ROPA GAZ 001 coming

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Last summer, the Peruvian-American R&B artist launched his own GAZI merch line in support of his latest album On GAZ. Though merch was exclusively sold during the tour, make sure to subscribe to A.CHAL’s official mailing list for updates regarding the upcoming online store.

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Kinder Malo and Pimp Flaco

Catalan trap stars Kinder Malo and Pimp Flaco (aka Dora Black) have a surprisingly low-key and chic sportswear line, featuring tees, sweatshirts, and bathing suits with their signature black cat logo. The color palette ranges from neutrals to pastels and the designs can easily transition from a day at the beach to a night on the dance floor.

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La Banda Bastön

The Mexican hip-hop OGs have a line of band merch that commemorates different musical landmarks from their history. The long sleeve tees for their latest record Luces Fantasmas stand out as a particularly stylish addition to the collection.

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La Marisoul

Instantly recognizable as the powerhouse voice of La Santa Cecilia, La Marisoul is also the mind behind La Pinche Vanidad, a line of colorful T-shirts, totes, pins, and dolls aiming to get customers to “share who you are, and what you love…ósea tu personality.”

Shop here.


Lido Pimienta

Colombian-Canadian multidisciplinary badass Lido Pimienta is known for her profoundly personal songwriting and soaring vocals, but her own original drawings, sculptures, and textile treatments have also wowed fans in recent years. Though she doesn’t have an online shop, you can always find a fully stocked merch stand at any Lido Pimienta show, and keep an eye on pop-up shop announcements, which she often hosts. She also recently collaborated with Toronto streetwear brand Wayvy Baby on their We Are True collection.

Shop the Wayvy Baby collection here.


Making Movies

The Kansas City rockers have been a Midwestern staple for years, putting an exciting spotlight on their shared Panamanian and Mexican heritage. Their online store features posters and albums, as well T-shirts and sweatshirts filled with colorful organic designs and slogans like “Immigrants are Beautiful.”

Shop here.


Dromedarios Mágicos

Mexico’s folk heartbreaker has always brought his DIY approach and A+ sense of humor into his merch, featuring dolphins, spoofs of the Jarritos logo and Mexican President Enrique Peña-Nieto’s wedding anniversary photos.

Check out more sweet and hilarious designs on Dromedarios Mágico’s Instagram page.