Our Favorite New Music Trends and Scenes of 2016

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Music trends – and the language we use to talk about them – may come and go, but they’re an excellent way of identifying how Latinx communities are evolving. Seeing reggaeton swerve into new directions or tracking the growth of ballroom culture in Latin America reflects the way the Internet is collapsing boundaries, as well as the IRL effects of new immigration patterns. Even though some of these movements might not stick around, they definitely made a tumultuous and difficult year captivating.

Here are the music trends and scenes that excited us in 2016:

A new generation of Chilean artists emerged.

Photo by Vicente Brogca

20 Years After Chile Changed Indie Music, a New Pop Paradise Emerges

Atlanta’s Latinxs got the radical club night they deserve.

La Choloteca founders. Photo by Chalane Bauzo

La Choloteca is the Radical Club Night Atlanta’s Latinxs Have Been Waiting For

Ballroom scenes in Chile, Mexico, and Brazil thrived.

Brazil’s V de Viadão party. Photo by Costa

How Voguing and Ballroom Culture Became Cool in Latin America

Ecuador saw the rise of a new electronic boom.

Quixosis. Photo by Jungla

10 Artists Spearheading Ecuador’s New Electronic Boom

Underground experiments with reggaeton flourished.

Tomasa del Real. Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla

Neo-Perreo: 15 Artists Writing Reggaeton’s Weird and Wonderful New Chapter

South American trap artists hustled hard.

Lay. Photo by Vinicius Cavalcanti

8 Artists Putting a South American Spin on Trap