16 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Dímelo Flow to Xenia Rubinos

Lead Photo: Photo by Vomba.
Photo by Vomba.
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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Dímelo Flow, Xenia Rubinos, and Katzù Oso. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Dímelo Flow, Ozuna, Wisin, Jay Wheeler, Lenny Tavarez, & Arcangel - “Crazy”

The Panamanian music producer Dímelo Flow released his seventh single, “Crazy,” off his upcoming Always Dream album due next month. If it’s one thing he’s known for, it’s producing immaculate pop-ready beats for superstar names such as those listed in this particular track. With sensual lyrics and incomparable flows from each artist, “Crazy” adds another reggaeton pop gem to Dímelo Flow’s abundant musical collection. – Jeanette Hernandez

Xenia Rubinos & Carolina Oliveros – “No Me Dejes Caer”

“No Me Dejes Caer” marks the latest release in multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Xenia Rubinos’s series of reconceptualized tracks from her highly-acclaimed 2021 album, Una Rosa. Here, Rubinos bands together with Carolina Oliveros of the futurist cumbia rocker four-piece Combo Chimbita for a reworking of the blustery “Darkest Hour.” In the original iteration, Rubinos ruminates on her experiences with loneliness and a sense of disconnect while living life out on the road. While the latest version stays rooted in that introspective impulse, “No Me Dejes Caer” slowly unfurls with whirring synths and a jazz piano interlude and builds to a bracing duet featuring Oliveros’s sky-sized vibrato and Rubinos’s bright-edged, smoky vocals. – Nayeli Portillo

Solomon Ray - “Quiero Tu Amor”

After re-introducing himself as a reggaeton heartthrob on 2020’s excellent La Mala Introducción EP, Solomon Ray has announced his forthcoming record will be his swan song as he exits the music industry stage left. His new single “Quiero Tu Amor” is a perreo slow jam venting his frustrations over a paramour – but also a professional community – that has used and disposed of him countless times, nodding to euphoric highs and heartbreaking lows. The Daneon co-produced song is sorrowful but ultimately slaps, sampling Ace of Base’s ‘90s reggae-pop classic “All That She Wants” while adding their own sexy beachside twist. – Richard Villegas

Making Movies, Tennis - “Porcelina”

Breaking from your typical songs about special ladies, Making Movies flip the script in terms of theme and sound. With a son cubano groove, the band pens an ode to an oracle, settling on the rhythm like a sunset on the beach, only for Alaina Moore of indie lifers Tennis to break it up and deliver an ethereal, “Some Velvet Morning”by Nancy Sinatra-style before returning to the groove. “Porcelina” is magic in more than one sense. — Marcos Hassan

Doris Anahi - “It Wasn’t You”

Following her strong introduction with debut single “Que Sufras,” Los Angeles-based artist Doris Anahi presents us with her latest offering, “It Wasn’t You.” A bolero-influenced ballad fueled by rich, sultry vocals, the single encompasses processing the dissolution of a romance that mimics the concept of playing with fire. The accompanying visuals take us on a therapeutic drive through diverse neighborhoods and varying skylines across Los Angeles as she candidly narrates listeners through a slow-burning dance lost in the rumination between toxic desires and healing growth. — Jeanette Diaz

Katzù Oso - “Tmí”

Los Angeles’ Katzù Oso has finally dropped his long-awaited debut full-length on Cosmica Artists, the Charlie Brand-produced Tmí, where he pushes his boundaries and explores new territories beyond the ‘80s-tinted jams from his previous projects. The title track by the same name exemplifies this beautifully. It’s a bilingual, acoustic guitar-led song with a Brazilian ease to it, where Paul Hernandez struggles with the idea of an old flame finding someone new. It slowly builds up until he’s done playing, switches to Spanish, and tells her he wants her back, blasting a reggaeton-like beat to win her heart again. – Cheky

Luna França - “Como”

Taking advantage of the ambiguity of the Portuguese word “como,” a suggestive verb both used for eating and having sex, Brazilian indie singer Luna França debuts her latest single. The music video presents us an enticingly, overtly-saturated banquet that suits just fine the song. It’s a jaunt across the ‘80s and retro 2000s pop universe, from Prince to St. Vincent, with loads of early electronic synth lines, embodied keytar-like harmonies, and upbeat guitar riffs. — Felipe Maia


A scant six months after his adrenaline-raising sophomore EP, ARIES RISING, and a collab or two to keep his trap gears well-oiled, Stz Poetic returns with a new single, “COLORES SANTOS.” Buoyed by a Francis Mxs-produced beat, the track is a relatively self-contained heat check that serves as a reminder that he’s still on the radar and gunning for his spot. He reflects on his hiatus, assuring his return is inevitable if not predetermined. Stz’s form and tact for rhymes haven’t missed a step, but he purposefully holds back from the prowess displayed in ARIES. In all, it’s a promise that the best is yet to come. — Juan J. Arroyo

Linda Dee x Dino - “Money”

Featuring a laser-like hip-hop and trap sound, Puerto Rican singer Linda Dee delivers “Money,” a collaboration with the music producer Dino. “Money” strongly comes through with a hard-hitting beat that supports Linda Dee’s lyrics describing the pleasures of having hard-earning money. Between those two aspects, this fresh track easily captures both the ambition and attitude of being a boss. – Jeanette Hernandez

ericdoa - “victim”

20 year-old Connecticut native ericdoa (pronounced as Eric “dee-oh-ay”) has consistently hammered out lovelorn digicore-leaning melodies over the last couple of years, one of which (“sad4whattt”) went as far as landing a highly coveted spot on Season 2 of HBO’s hit series Euphoria. After teasing new music from his forthcoming project, things with wings (out May 20), the Interscope Records signee is back with his latest single, the potent and hyper-melodic “victim.” The track is layered with maximalist, video game-loving overtones and a brief call and response midway propelled by a kind of angst that rivals the verse of one of your favorite pop-punk songs, proving that hyperpop is indeed here to stay. – Nayeli Portillo

Tremor - “Subibaja”

Panamerican electro-cumbia label ZZK has finally unveiled ZZK Sound Vol. 4, their first compilation in nine years featuring throbbing epics from buzzy producers like Selvagia, La Color, and Galo Vermelho. Album closer “Subibaja” from Argentine ensemble Tremor is the perfect punctuating statement, kicking off with sharp, hypnotic flutes and quickly enveloped in a storm of percussion that’ll leave you levitating on the dance floor. – Richard Villegas

Meridian Brothers - “Metamorfosis”

For those in the know, Ansonia Records is one of the most legendary labels in Latinx music history. Now it’s been resurrected, and its vanguardist-yet-guapachoso spirit has carried on with Meridian Brothers’ new jam. “Metamorfosis” is a psych guaracha-meets-montuno Kafkaesque tale about waking up every day to find ourselves becoming more robot than person. The song is rhythmically satisfying and weird enough to keep you on your toes and the perfect continuation of Ansonia’s legacy. — Marcos Hassan

Tim Bernardes - “BB (Garupa de Moto Amarela)”

From the heart of Sao Paulo, Tim Bernardes brings us a simplistically soothing love song, “BB (Garupa de Moto Amarela),” to soundtrack our more endearing emotions. A contrast single to the rest of his sonically dense upcoming solo album, the minimal guitar-driven ballad finds refuge in the lightness and ease of falling in love. Filled with compositional elements from gentle strings and touches of enchanting synths, Bernardes delivers a song that encapsulates the tender ease and comfort that can be found in loving someone. — Jeanette Diaz

Pehuenche - “Mi Soledad”

Originally from Veracruz, singer/songwriter Rafael Mesa just shared Vida Ventura, his first album under his Pehuenche alias, which includes a mesmerizing bolero called “Mi Soledad.” Wrapped in a warm, dazzling atmosphere and boasting a chill-inducing vocal performance, the song reflects on solitude — the figure that’s always there after love and passion are done. But for Mesa, it also represents a refuge and a space for self-discovery. It’s a true high mark among these 13 musical pieces. – Cheky

The Shivas - “Doom Revolver”

Hopping from stoner rock power chords to ‘70s fuzzing guitars and some shoegaze verve, “Doom Revolver” is a full meal for rock’n’rollers out there. The LA-based group The Shivas managed to assemble all of that catalog in just one track with an exquisite sense of arrangement. And let’s give credit where credit is due: the washed-out vocals and steady drums, even when tempos are broken, are mostly responsible for keeping all of that rock puzzle on the same track. The group is heading on a Europe tour this summer, and this single might be one of the concert’s highlights. — Felipe Maia

Tommy Blanco x Erre - “Soñe Contigo”

Fresh off his media tour promoting singles “Travolta” and “Tú No Me Quieres,” Tommy Blanco teams up with Los Rarxs shooter Erre for his newest track, “Soñé Contigo.” Continuing his recent steady output of bops, Blanco cedes the first half of the song to Erre’s pen who sets the tone with his deft wordplay and swagger. The headliner brings it home with his trademark experimental trap flow, switching up the pitch and cadence, which keeps things interesting. Tommy Blanco is one of the more fearless of the rising young crop of indie alt-perreo rappers — unafraid of big swings that fortunately keep connecting. — Juan J. Arroyo