15 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Dylan Fuentes to Flores

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Dylan Fuentes and Sael, Flores, and Trueno. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Dylan Fuentes, Sael - “Sonrisa Falsa”

Dylan Fuentes has long existed as one of the best emerging artists in Colombia. Today, we’re proven again why his reign is nowhere near vanishing with the release of “Sonrisa Falsa.” The single, which is part of the Colombian’s first full-length album coming out later this year was conceived at last year’s Remezcla Studios. The track also features Sael, depicting a relationship where no one is comfortable and all they can do is smile, or what Fuentes calls “Sonrisa Falsa,” a fake smile while thinking of somebody else. Of course, it’s infused with modern reggaeton beats and slaps, while the melody transforms into a ballad of pop texture. If you’re looking for a heart-break banger for the summer, “Sonrisa Falsa” is your best bet. – Holly Alvarado

Flores - “Brown”

The indigenous Mexican-American R&B artist Flores released an encouraging love letter to her brown community with “Brown.” On this song, the El Paso native aims for everyone to feel connected and secure in this nation that often forgets about Latin American issues. Her sultry vocals on top of a groovy percussion-heavy melody give us a jazzy outro, making for an easy-listening tribute to our community. The bottom line is that “Brown” is easily one of the most memorable songs from her debut The Lives They Left EP. – Jeanette Hernandez

Pahua, Terror/Cactus - “Suena Tu Canto”

The electro-cumbia stars have aligned once more, this time as Mexico City diva Pahua and Seattle-based Argentine producer Terror/Cactus team up for a brand new collaborative EP titled Amuleto, scheduled for release this summer. The first prismatic single from this release is “Suena Tu Canto,” an ode to the healing power of Mother Nature and all her beautiful music; from birds singing in treetops to the hypnotic ocean rush. – Richard Villegas

DNOVAN - “Máquina”

While most who run across “Máquina” today will not be familiar with singer DNOVAN, he’s far from a newcomer. Real name Danován Swosa, he cut his teeth in the late-2000s as member of then-popular Puerto Rican indie rock band Los Convertibles whose songs like “Sesión” and “Y Yo También” became staples of many local hangouts and radio stations. Almost a decade later, DNOVAN returns with a track in the same vein that speaks just as much to himself as his audience. “Life is just one, don’t get distracted… follow your dreams.” It’s a pep talk for both fans and an artist who couldn’t stay away from his passion any longer. — Juan J. Arroyo


Mexican-American artist KORDELYA just dropped her brand-new single “oportUNO,” a bitter tale about the dawn of love. Backed by a smoky, slow-burning beat, the singer is confronted with a gut-wrenching realization: the person she thought was the one no longer is. Both the song and its mesmerizing Dementosa-directed music video find their success by letting vulnerability crack its stylistically polished exterior. – Cheky

Albany - “G”

Albany was once a newcomer starlet in the Spanish trap scene along with the likes of Yung Beef and C. Tangana. After growing popular, gathering fans all over the Spanish-speaking world and wandering in the neoperreo universo, the Madrid-based artist goes back to her roots in “G.” The track is filled with hyperpop, PC Music loops over a triplet trap type beat. Besides the track and its lyrics, the music video was conceived in Mexico — where Albany performed on her latest international tour. “This is a gift to my fans,” she says. — Felipe Maia

Diamante Eléctrico - "Daniboy”

Earlier this month, Bogotá alt-rockers celebrated their 10th anniversary and announced the release of a forthcoming album, Leche de Tigre, the follow-up to last year’s Grammy-nominated Mira Lo Que Me Hiciste Hacer. Its first single, “Daniboy” (written in remembrance of friend and longtime collaborator Daniel Bustos), leads with a kick-drum heavy hip-hop-like strut solidified by bursts of bluesy guitar crunches and a twisting, near-funk bassline. The single also doubles as a powerful memorial for Colombia’s many disappeared and those who singer and bassist Juan Galeano describes as “los que no vuelven a casa.” – Nayeli Portillo

Nath - “Sin Maquillaje”

The mysterious entity in Latine pop, Nath, comes in with seductive ease on their newest track, “Sin Maquillaje.” Even though Nath is known and used to the corridors of pop, this time around, they slide in with electronic sonics, almost making it a house single — and one you can’t deny yourself while dancing to it. Inspired by the next generation of artists such as J Balvin, Maluma, and Karol G, those references swirl around in a light-wind breeze while still giving Nath room to grow independently. On “Sin Maquillaje,” the mix of pop and EDM production all flow through fluidly, making it Nath’s best work to date. – Holly Alvarado

Daniel Villarreal - “Patria”

With his solo project, Dos Santos’ Daniel Villarreal uses this outlet to chase any window of personal expression and inspiration. This is why he can make an instrumental organ piece to pay tribute to the late Panamanian organ legend Avelino Muñoz — an important figure in Villarreal’s musical formation and a crucial part of his roots. “Patria” sounds like a Sunday afternoon just as the sun begins its descent and melancholy settles in. Sonically, it remains close to the classic Muñoz vocabulary yet brings a trippy sadness all its own. — Marcos Hassan

Trueno - “Tierra Zanta”

Although the Argentinian rapper Trueno is already known for his rap conquests, “Tierra Zanta” continues to cement his powerful rapping flow, all while navigating a different musical genre. “Tierra Zanta”’s heavy percussion and acoustic guitar melody not only gives us a sentimental ode by highlighting Latin America’s commonly used instruments, but also serves us proud lyrics that describe how resilient our Latine community can be. It goes without saying that Trueno continues to expand his musicianship with “Tierra Zanta” without shying away from his resonating rapping verses that only bring him closer to his audience – a powerful combination. – Jeanette Hernandez

Saint Olivier - “Recuerdos”

Costa Rican rapper and reggaetonero Saint Olivier introduced himself to the world last year with the glossy, synthwave-influenced perreo EP Foren. But his new single “Recuerdos,” he proves he’s adept at creating much more than seductive dance floor gold. Unspooling the recent end of a major romance that began at 14-years-old, Saint Olivier looks back on slow dances and stolen glances over a driving riddim that serves as the perfect canvas for mourning/celebrating a first and forever love. – Richard Villegas

Matt Louis - “To’ Los Días”

As R&B/trap fusions become all the rage in the ever-growing alt-perreo scene, there are those who want to remind listeners that before the fusions came the original product — and Matt Louis has arrived to do just that. The Puerto Rican talent, who also touts photography as one of his fortés and co-directed the video, teamed up with RaiNao’s regular producers Wiso Rivera and Giovanni Ortiz for a melancholic track that calls to mind Sunni Colón’s placid numbers, but with a rough-hewn veneer giving it texture to stand out. His heart might feel betrayed, but it holds no resentment. — Juan J. Arroyo

Tita - “Valentin”

With her single “Valentin,” Tita shares the life-changing experience of motherhood with the world. Born Mariana Moreno, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter penned this song for her baby boy, recurring to ‘60s-style sounds and arrangements, complete with Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies, to create a psych-pop lullaby. It’s a fuzzy, endearing song about unconditional love that grows and grows, just like the song. – Cheky

Chediak & KBrum - “BMW VOA”

From ragga to D’n’B, “BMW VOA” is the latest single by Brazil’s MC Kbrum and producer Chediak. Kbrum is one of the masterminds behind the Jamaican-laced scene blooming in Rio’s suburb of Caxias, the so-called Jamaicaxias. Chediak, once a bedroom producer, is also ahead of new musical joints beaming out of the contact of Rio’s baile funk up and U.K. electronic music. The duo encounter ended up in a single that swings back and forth between fast-paced kicks and sleazy beats well suited to tight-locked bars spitted by Kbrum —a track that would fit just fine for a new Fast and Furious movie.— Felipe Maia

Seamstress & StevenKilledTheEgo - "Plush Leather Seats"

Phoenix-based rapper StevenKilledTheEgo (also known as Vet Martinez) carries out a smooth and buoyant vocal delivery on his most recent collaboration with the Toronto producer duo Seamstress. “Plush Leather Seats” slowly unfurls with endless summer energy as Martinez steps in with a breezy flow. Armed with a crisp production plus a heady, thumping beat, the single is the mellow but guaranteed-good-time hype song you blast in the car on a slow cruise en route to the club during peak hours. – Nayeli Portillo