14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Llane to Jhayco

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Warner Music Latina.
Courtesy of Warner Music Latina.
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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Llane and Danny Ocean, Jhayco, and paopaoFollow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Llane & Danny Ocean” - “Fino"

As if we couldn’t get enough of the Latine pop heartthrobs, Llane and Danny Ocean are here with a new summer collab, “Fino.” The track shows off the very best of what Llane and Ocean can do, intertwining their unique Venezuelan and Colombian pop flares while pushing it forward into a new space that takes shape with a twang of Latine flare. Both artists have both been making massive moves in music in the past few years, with “Fino” declaring that they can create pop gold in such a short amount of time. With an underlying trap beat that takes the song to the end, Ocean and Llane define what it means to bridge different sonics as two worlds collide. – Holly Alvarado

Felicita - “Sevilla”

In a bubble where it sometimes feels like trap and perreo are the only sounds breaking through, Atlanta’s own Felicita hopes to connect with those who find themselves looking for the respite of indie-pop. In “Sevilla,” the first single off her upcoming sophomore EP, the nouveau singer and songwriter of Guatemalan descent taps into the escapism, both literal and figurative, one yearns for after ending a troubled relationship and connecting to brighter surroundings is what you need to heal. The budding TikTok star is betting on a groundswell reception that’ll make Latine pop leap from niche to mainstream and be heard from ATL to Andalusia. — Juan J. Arroyo

Mora, Jhayco - “MEMORIAS”

Gabriel Mora Quintero’s subversive, EDM-studded productions consistently set him apart from most contemporary reggaeton and trap artists. The Bayamón native has accumulated an ever-growing number of songwriter and producer credits across Bad Bunny’s catalog (most notably “Dákiti” and “Un Verano Sin Ti”), but “MEMORIAS” cements his status as a futuristic-leaning innovator in a sea of sometimes monotonous mainstream hits. Rapper Jhayco tag teams on vocals and makes a cameo in the climatic video directed by ​​P. The Chemist and produced by We Own the City. – Nayeli Portillo

Leena Bae - “Bai” prod. By BBYNITO

Over the last few years, Lena Bae has quickly established herself as a Central American diva to watch, pouring a versatile mix of R&B, trap, and avant-pop into her impressive 2021 debut EP Gigante Roja. Already debuting a fresh sound on her new single “Bai,” the Mexican-born, Guatemala-based chanteuse plunges into anthemic pop territory, trading heartbreak for dance floor catharsis over a booming, bass-heavy beat produced by BBYNITO. – Richard Villegas

Los Cotopla Boyz - “Dame Tu Wasap”


Power Ranger-dressing Bogota quintet Los Cotopla Boyz are about to drop a remastered edition of their debut album Mamarrón Vol. 1 through ZZK’s offshoot imprint AYA Records, and they recovered their psychedelia-splashed cumbia anthem “Dame Tu Wasap” to get us excited. The hilarious jam, built with a contagious rhythm, dusty organs, and retro guitar riffs, finds member Sebastián Portilla embarrassed for confusing a random girl with an ex, but he still finds his way to her WhatsApp, bombarding her with selfies and memes. Someone’s about to get blocked and reported. – Cheky

paopao, iZaak - “a veces duele la verdad”

The emerging el movimiento singer paopao released the music video for “a veces duele la verdad,” an emotional R&B and trap-infused song featuring iZaak from their duo EP relaciones tóxicas. The two Puerto Rican artists show their sentimental side on this emo-trap track, describing the challenges of getting over an ex-partner. The Daniel Bomb-directed music video follows a group of friends on a road trip, all presumably going through their own set of unrequited dilemmas amongst each other, but still having a good time together as they mouth the heart-wrenching lyrics. – Jeanette Hernandez

Mia Badgyal - “Loka”

After a two-year pandemic hiatus, Brazilian singer Mia Badgyal drops another track readymade for perreo’s darkest dancefloors. “Loka” is a rock-laced reggaeton concocted by Mia, her longtime partner CyberKills, and producer FUSO! With the help of hyper-filtered vocals and monstrous synth lines, the singer hops from Portuguese to Spanish and offers a pulsating single that would be a good entry to a forthcoming album. — Felipe Maia

Ex Primos - “Vapor”

With the festivities of Pride Month and all that June has to offer upon us, Mexican electro-punk group Ex Primos releases their new single, “Vapor.” The track was conceived at a bathhouse in the Dominican Republic, paying homage to the steam rooms where queer men have gathered in search of community and, of course, sex. The explosive track explores the classic Dominican Tambora sound, resulting in a vibrant electronic merengue that flows throughout the track, not to mention the thick bass lines and gliding synths that make anyone ready to hit the dance floor in seconds. “In our fight for basic rights and legal protections, an oddly chaste and sanitized image has been projected onto LGBTQ+ people,” RIXI says, the vocalist of Ex Primos. “This song breaks from demure metaphors while unabashedly centering pleasure. Our community did not fight for squeaky clean homogeny but for the right to be ourselves, and to be respected despite our wonderful differences.” – Holly Alvarado

LOUU - “Falling”

Harkening ‘90s electropop with its production and attitude, LOUU’s new single “Falling” earnestly attempts to revive a segment of pop music that once jolted so many into euphoria, and still might. Giving a taste of dance and righteousness in equal doses and backed up by a trippy visualizer that captures the vibes, the track is firmly in the wavelength of her previous offerings, which have cemented her as a vanguard of Puerto Rican indie pop and electronica that still has a home in many clubs and headphones. — Juan J. Arroyo

Ramón Vega, Maciel - “eScoRpiÓn :)”

Last year, 16-year-old Mexican Regional artist Ramón Vega made waves with “Contigo Mami,” a bouncy and reggae-tinted norteño reimagining of Roy Orbison’s 1964 classic, “Pretty Woman.” On his latest single, the rising “Mexillenial” act from Sonora links up with Michelle García Maciel (aka singer-songwriter Maciel) and detours into a playful electropop-adjacent sound, swapping out his signature guitar and accordion for buzzing, out-of-the-box synthwork. It’s a promising summer jam that maintains Vega’s ability to float between traditional and more modern genres with ease, plus serves as a sneak peak at his forthcoming album, PA TI 🙂. – Nayeli Portillo

Grenda - “Eye For You”

Back in 2015, Eduardo Amezcua, better known as Grenda, exploded onto the Mexican electronic scene like a teenage supernova, performing at NRMAL, SXSW, and even Boiler Room before he was old enough to drive. After a short hiatus and some inevitable growing up, Grenda is reclaiming his rightful place in the spotlight with an emotionally charged new single titled “Eye For You” that melds his unique sensibilities for synthpop, techno, and piercing balladry. – Richard Villegas

Supersilverhaze - “FLOTUS”


With their debut full-length A Pesar de Todo slated for an Oct. release, Supersilverhaze is giving us a first preview titled “FLOTUS” — and no, it’s not an ode to Dr. Jill Biden. Driven by circular, Krautrock-informed guitar and bass riffs and restless drumming, the song was sparked by singer/guitarist Patricio González’s battle with COVID. Dark feelings take over the first verse, as like many who have contracted the disease. But on the second verse, hope seeps in, and the emotional healing begins. It’s an impressive introduction to the band’s new musical direction. – Cheky

Rosaly Rubio - "Plastic"

The Dominican singer-songwriter Rosaly Rubio released the energetic and unapologetic video for the hip-hop and trap song “Plastic.” From the get-go, the hype music video’s scenes captivates the audience and transports them to a carefree ambiance, where anything goes without judgment. We see festive clips of Rubio and her friends enjoying themselves, dancing with each other and even on a stripper pole to prove the YHLQMDLG point. It goes without saying that the video captures the bass-heavy track’s exact essence – of letting go of any negativity and just doing your own thing. – Jeanette Hernandez

Tha_Guts - “Burning In My Soul”

Mycelium Network is Brazilian producer Tha_Guts’ latest release, and “Burning In My Soul” gets the award for the album’s best track. Also a single, the jam is a downtempo feat with Moby-like ambiance and tingling, otherworldly noises. With a sonic velvet coat, and persistent and sleek white noise underlying each instrument, the track throws the listener into an environment that is both warm and strange — a particular atmosphere felt all along with the album. — Felipe Maia