15 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Loyal Lobos to Eix

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Loyal Lobos, EIX, and Foudeqush with Jesse Baez. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Loyal Lobos - “Love Con Espacio” 

Along with a long-awaited EP, Loyal Lobos’ is sharing a new music video to accompany the second track, “Love Con Espacio.” The indie singer, aka Andrea Silva, grew up in Bogotá, Colombia, and is now based in Los Angeles. The video was shot in her hometown, in an appropriately moody bar. The song itself welcomes listeners with a muffled drum beat that interchanges with subtle synths. Silva’s dulcet tones wrap around the instrumental like a vine, and all in all feels timeless. — Chelsea Quezada

Eix - “Don Dale”

Emerging Puerto Rican rapper EIX dropped the perreo-ready track, “Don Dale.” This song winks at Don Omar’s “Dale Don,” all while delivering sensual lyrics on top of an old-school reggaeton-inspired pulsing beat. With the help of producer Jose A Huertas, the song also features particular background synths that trigger a nostalgic feeling, making the song memorable in today’s saturated reggaeton music playlists. – Jeanette Hernandez

J Noa - “Autodidacta”

Rapidly rising Dominican rapper J Noa is back with the lead track off her highly anticipated debut EP Autodidacta. “Autodidacta” opens with a classic hip-hop composition before transitioning into a house beat and back to classic hip-hop to close. The track begins with the sound of a distant hollow drum, reminiscent of a heartbeat. Within 10 seconds, J Noa’s lyrical prowess shines as she kicks off her first verse describing herself as “exclusiva anti-racista, autodidacta…lo que pone por el suelo los artistas.” She continues with the same flow until an electronic bass picks up the beat, and she takes off in a non-stop drill roll. Here, phrases like “aguanté la presión, agua p’al calentón…esta es mi pasión,” standout like pearls in the sea. Further, the beat drops and lyrics like, “pienso en grande…con el talento se nace, yo no tengo que pegárme,” exemplify the kind of energy listeners should expect and have always received from the young rapper, which is nothing less than a complete takeover. – Rosy Alvarez

Foudeqush & Jesse Baez - “cumbia aesthetic”

Alt-pop adventurer Paola Maldonado, aka Foudeqush, and R&B crooner Jesse Baez pump up the dreamy atmospherics in “cumbia aesthetic.” The Monclova native takes a moment to mellow out from the hard-hitting, incessant breakbeats behind singles like “daydreaming” and the all-around badassery in “ASESINA” for something more sensual. Here, she opts for zig-zagging, electrified cumbia rhythms speckled with flirty, effervescent pop energy and flaunts her silvery, fluttering vocals in another genre-pushing jam. – Nayeli Portillo

Ramona, Eduardo Arenas - “Anillo de Matrimonio”

Tijuana psychedelic pop powerhouse Ramona has linked up with Chicano Batman frontman Eduardo Arenas for a new slice of lovey-dovey cumbia titled “Anillo de Matrimonio.” A West Coast crossover that’ll have you reaching for dancing shoes and an ice-cold caguama, the song flutters over expertly layered horns, percussion, and wavy organ playing, stoking the flames of everlasting love and angling for a dreamy beachside wedding. – Richard Villegas

Darell, Omar Courtz - “Me Dice Daddy”

Omar Courtz has sky-rocketed relatively quickly to become a fan and artist’s favorite in the reggaetón scene, with raunchy lyrics that are still catchy and a preternatural ability to find the best flow for listeners to dance to. Genre mainstay Darell recruits him for his new single, “Me Dice Daddy,” in which the gruff-voiced rapper and Ousi (Court’z nickname for himself, of the English pronunciation of his initials) racily, to say the least, break down all they love about their significant other. Darell spent the last few months laying low, but as he inches back into the perreo limelight, he could hardly have chosen a hotter artist to do it alongside. — Juan J. Arroyo

Montoya, Pahua - “Flor del Mar”

For his second single off his upcoming ZZK Records album, El Nido, multitalented Colombian artist Montoya condenses the feeling of fleeting summer romance into a single song. “Flor del Mar” already embraces us with a warm beachy hug of Caribbean guitar plucks and a smooth, Afro-Colombian-infused beat. But when guest singer Pahua enters the picture, she sends us floating in the summer air with vivid images of the season’s colors, sounds, and aromas. Have this song handy when the temperature drops. – Cheky

Suzie True - "Sentimental Scum"

On the title track of their forthcoming album, emotionally-charged punk band Suzie True takes the literal route to deliver a catchy and intense track. The sentimental part of the song comes courtesy of the very personal lyrics about following a non-traditional life path, warts and all, while the scummy aspect comes through thanks to a mixture of fuzzy guitar riffs and catchy as hell melodies straight outta the ’00s pop heyday. Suzie True gives voice to some hard truths with melody and drive, which in turn makes them sound like a unique project.— Marcos Hassan

Nino Augustine - “HABLAME DE $”

Following up on his last single, “D1,” Nino Augustine’s newest offering is one he produced himself and motivates in all aspects of life. “HABLAME DE $” is an urgent and positive message regarding personal wellness. Set those boundaries! Create that work-life balance! Know that your work and talent are valuable! Augustine’s knack for dancehall fusion is showcased in this single, and this song is a team effort with other talented artists; The Afro Jam on guitar, Steve Makeni on bass, and Panamanian-Spanish reggae icon René Renegado in the outro. — Chelsea Quezada

Mariposa - “Mentiras”

The Colombian-Italian rapper Mariposa is back at it again. In her latest single, “Mentiras,” the trilingual emerging artist lays down her raw verses about her mental health struggles on top of a hypnotic guitar-driven melody backed by a trap-heavy beat. Lyrically, the transparent track touches on personal challenges such as having loved ones against your success, not being able to trust anyone, and emotional instability. The result? A musical gem that her listeners can relate to. – Jeanette Hernandez

MONOGEM  - “Feeling Myself”

R&B singer MONOGEM transports us to pop paradise with the breezy “Feeling Myself.” Driven by an infectious and sweet, serotonin-boosting refrain, “Feeling Myself” shines with the all-healing power of one of Lizzo’s self-love anthems and marks what the Los Angeles singer describes as her “homecoming” moment. – Nayeli Portillo

Nicolle Jadad - “Hice Lo Mejor Para Estar”

On her new single “Hice Lo Mejor Para Estar,” Barranquilla-born pop chanteuse Nicolle Jadad is leaping scrappy DIY songcraft to grandiose power balladry. While the evocative new song blossomed out of pandemic loneliness, it has become a testament to the vitality of community and the support of friends and loved ones. A plethora of Jadad’s peers, including Bella Álvarez, Lucille Dupin, Alethia, Bicha, Francesca Collavini, Humano En Tránsito, and her sister Samia Jadad, join in on the song’s epic crescendo—a sweeping reminder that we’re never truly alone. – Richard Villegas

csndra - “408!”

Based in Atlanta, but an Orlando native with Puerto Rican roots, indie pop artist csndra gained positive word of mouth last year when her singles “very well” and “DMLO” caught the attention of various publications. This week she returns with “408!”, named after the Florida State Road that runs through the heart of her hometown. Here she croons about the conflicted feelings that accompany the pangs of homesickness. csndra knows leaving all you know is often necessary for growth, even if the best-laid plans don’t work out. “I made my peace / I’m still in pieces / but I’m healing,” she sings, certain many will relate. — Juan J. Arroyo


Up-and-coming Madrid-via-New York artist Sandy Davis, aka. Pecas, takes her time to burn slowly on her ASMR-tastic new track “BEAUTIFUL,” the first preview of her forthcoming debut album Best Face. With the assistance of co-producers Wet Baes and Tuzient, Pecas dials down the BPMs to create a sensual, minimalistic world of gentle submission and desire. Every sound is in its right place, and the negative space lets us bask in every syllable of Pecas’ breathy words for an enhanced experience. – Cheky

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - "Invisible"

Moving into darker and arguably more compelling territory, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete delivers one of their most accomplished songs to date. “Invisible” creeps elegantly like Joy Division at their moodiest, thanks to basslines propelling a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s also aided by cold textures over which Lorelle sings assuredly and melodically, finding new textures in her voice. With this new transformation, the Mexican outfit reaffirms itself as an essential band of our time. — Marcos Hassan