14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Stella Santana to Nino Augustine

Lead Photo: Photo by Christian Long.
Photo by Christian Long.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Stella Santana, Nino Augustine, and jame minogue with Patrick Luna. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Stella Santana - “Eternal Sunshine (feat. MamaBlue & Subculture)”

Only weeks after dropping her Distant EP, Stella Santana surprised us with a continuation aptly named Distant II, spearheaded by the single “Eternal Sunshine” and its accompanying music video. Featuring production from Subculture alongside Daniel Lynas and Nico Farmakalidis, “Eternal Sunshine” is an airy R&B jam with a hip-hop heart to ease our souls. Here, Santana, with a little help from MamaBlue in a rap verse, is ready to erase an old flame from her head, just like in the popular Michel Gondry movie referenced in the song title. She’s been hurt too much, and it’s time to let go. – Cheky 

Nino Augustine - “DESDE EL IPHONE”

Nino Augustine’s newest song, “DESDE EL IPHONE,” is a rich Afro-pop and dancehall blend released on time for this summer’s wind-down. He continues to find inspiration for his music from Panama’s dancehall scene while perfecting his own recipe for it at the same time, this time with the help of producer Epic B. As with his previous singles, “D1” and “HABLAME DE $,” there is a theme of self-empowering lyrics to inspire confidence in oneself. More good news: “DESDE EL IPHONE” is the first peek at Augustine’s EP, which is coming later this year. — Chelsea Quezada

Patrick Luna x jame minogue - “YANOTAPAMI” 

Dominican indie pop singer Jame Minogue and Mexican singer-songwriter Patrick Luna lament getting caught in their respective late-summer love triangles on the shimmery nu-disco-leaning “YANOTAPAMI.” Taking sonic cues from big-time contenders like Daft Punk and Calvin Harris, “YANOTAPAMI” rides on an irresistibly bouncy beat and funk-tinged guitar riffs. But it really takes off when Minogue and Luna cut through the iridescence with falsetto hooks that ring with a subtle but magnetic kind of sadness: “I just can’t believe you’re hanging with him when you said you wanted to be alone.” – Nayeli Portillo

Calma Carmona x Vento Alejandro - “M.Q.P.”

The newest in a string of planned bimonthly releases that began with June’s “Staring Back at Me,” Puerto Rican neo-soul siren Calma Carmona drops “M.Q.P. (Me Quiero Perder)” this week. This time, she teams up with indie rock/R&B singer-songwriter Vento Alejandro of the group Los Rarxs, who also lends his guitar talents to the track. As their voices trade-off over his considered acoustic strums and J Rochet’s production, they harmonize together about leaping back into an infatuation that inspires and makes you lose yourself. Calma has been gifting her music for over a decade now, and here she further proves her best is still around the corner. — Juan J. Arroyo

Alé Araya - “Endless Sky (feat. greek)”

After releasing “Midnight Gospel,” the Chilean singer-songwriter Alé Araya is back with a more soulful and emotional track. This week, she released her newest music video for “Endless Sky” off her debut EP in visions. The new track features the ethereal singer’s hypnotic, echoing vocals on top of the smooth R&B tune produced by the two vocalists alongside Joel Kim. Visually, it aims to show the natural stages of grief and shows Araya trying to reach what appears to be another version of herself. Towards the end of the song, she sings, “Nothing like the sunshine in my eyes / Find some peace of mind,” which is echoed in the artsy visuals as she looks to the sunlight, presumably showing that there’s a silver lining even in the worst of times. – Jeanette Hernandez

Titanic - “Hotel Elizabeth”

Mabe Fratti is a roll. Not only is the Guatemalan singer/cellist/experimentalist doing her solo thing on top of playing with Amor Muere, but now she’s launching yet another collaborative effort. Titanic is her new endeavor with I. La Católica, aka Hector Tosta, which keeps her arty and melodic sensitivities while exploring new territory. “Hotel Elizabeth” is steeped in various jazz traditions, like a Twin Peaks episode that’s as warm as weird, with Fratti’s characteristic vocals giving it an emotional edge. Meanwhile, sax and piano provide the musical foundation. “Hotel Elizabeth” strives between the experimental and the familiar, something Fratti and cohorts excel at. — Marcos Hassan

Faraonika, Coghlan - “Distraída”

Whenever a mysterious club diva links up with an adventurous house producer, you have the makings of an unstoppable banger. Down in Buenos Aires, Faraonika and Coghlan have been cultivating that very specific relationship for their forthcoming joint album, finally unveiling the first taste of this clash of the underground titans with “Distraída.” Sounding like a Charli XCX B-side run through the Nine Inch Nails goth rave filter, the track throbs with crunchy digital bass lines and Faraonika’s hypnotic, slurred delivery, beckoning you to reach for the eyeliner and run to the dance floor. – Richard Villegas

LaTorre - “Resurreción (feat. Las Áñez)”


Ecuadorian artist LaTorre’s new EP ORILLAS is one of the most stunning reflections on life, death, grief, and healing you’ll hear right now, and you just have to close your eyes and hit play on the luminous “Resurección” to get convinced. Backed by minimalistic electronic production and sister duo Las Áñez on vocals, LaTorre delivers a tear-inducing performance, painting a truly moving picture of crossing over to the great beyond, one that’s filled with hope instead of sadness, joy instead of despair. – Cheky

Ralphie Choo - "VOYCONTODO"

Spanish artist Ralphie Choo’s interpretation of a ballad is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Yes, “VOYCONTODO” is boldly anchored by an acoustic guitar, but there are also hints of a kazoo-like buzzing in the chorus. As the 10th track of his upcoming debut album SUPERNOVA, out Sep. 15, it is heartening to know that there are still surprises mixed in at the end. Choo is modernizing what pop music can sound like, innovating at every turn but still holding true to the inspiration from classic Spanish musicians he grew up listening to. Like “VOYCONTODO,” SUPERNOVA will explore themes of love, heartbreak, and loneliness. — Chelsea Quezada

Los Sufridos - “Apretaito”

Lost Sufridos leave little to the imagination on their latest track, “Apretaito.” Riding on a heavy dose of sensuous grooves, the Dominican artists revel in a breathless tale of red-hot lust for the ages. Los Sufridos step away from the slightly muted suaveness behind earlier singles like “No Lo Vi A Ninguno” and “Coco Boy,” swapping it for a much steamier, slow-tempo formula on “Apretaito.” But you’ve been warned: this is not your mother’s bachata. – Nayeli Portillo

Neysa Blay - “Te Gusta/Me Gusta”

Indie rock en español soloist Neysa Blay has been ramping up her return to the scene the past few months, with live performances at SXSW ’23 and Puerto Rico’s Orgullo Boquerón showcase during LGBT Pride Month. This week, she releases “Te Gusta/Me Gusta,” the first single off her upcoming 2024 project. Her debut EP, Destrúyeme, established Blay as a preternatural talent as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Her new song taps into some of the same threads she explored then but with an even more confident pen and voice that makes the promise of future tracks an even more exciting prospect. — Juan J. Arroyo

Lapillus- “ULALA (Spanish Ver.)”

K-pop sweethearts Lapillus are taking their music to the next global level with a Spanish version of their rhythmic track “ULALA.” It’s not the first time the girl group experimented with Spanish tracks–last year, they covered Natti Natasha’s “WOW BB” with TFN. Now, they’re fully on board, showcasing their member (and Latina K-pop star) Chanty’s Latine roots in a new version of their hit, included in GIRL’s ROUND Pt. 2. While we don’t know what other surprises the girls have in store for us, we love the direction that they’re taking, breaking linguistic barriers and showing love to their massive Latine fanbase while at it. – Jeanette Hernandez

Joliette - “Charlotte”

Mexican screamo heroes Joliette are taking their savage formula and giving it a slight twist, and “Charlotte” demonstrates their new take on post-hardcore. The song mostly lurches on a mid-tempo groove with occasional forays into double time and even blastbeats, bringing heavy riffing and screaming vocals that give way to atonal guitar melodies. The outro, however, goes for melodic atmospherics, dipping its toes to psychedelia in the Mars Volta mold, putting the band into a whole new category. Joliette shows us that there’s more to their music than screaming and face-melting riffs. — Marcos Hassan

Dieglitter - “Una Vez Más”

Melding hyperpop, reggaeton, and enough sticky sweet pop to give you a sugar rush, Mexico City singer and producer Dieglitter’s new EP PUEDO TOCAR EL CIELO is a delightful late-summer gem. Among its many bangers, kaleidoscopic perreo “Una Vez Más” delivers the most balanced combo of ass-shaking goodness and wtf production, co-helmed by underground studio juggernaut Santiago Mijares. Chirping synths and a deliciously familiar dembow riddim merge into a sinewy canvas where Dieglitter recounts a night out trying to reconnect with a paramour. However, he’s ultimately thwarted by fate, rowdy partygoers, and a shoddy phone signal. – Richard Villegas