WATCH: These K-Pop Groups Covered Natti Natasha, El Alfa & Chimbala’s “WOW BB”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of MLD Entertainment.
Courtesy of MLD Entertainment.
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It’s impossible to deny that Latine music is expanding its reach around the globe. Case in point: K-pop rookie groups Lapillus and TFN recently performed a cover of “Wow BB” by Natti Natasha, El Alfa, and Chimbala at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards after-party in Japan. The performance has been making the rounds across social media and has music fans talking.

“They literally ripped the AAA stage off with their amazing skills alone,” wrote one fan in the buzzy YouTube comments section. “Hope to see more collabs in the future! Every performance they do, they always own the stage like wow, monster rookies indeed!”

The groups originally released their cover of the hit back in July, where it racked up over 4 million views. But this isn’t the first time TFN immersed themselves in the sounds of el movimiento. The South Korean-Japanese group also covered Daddy Yankee’s “CAMPEÓN” earlier this year. Both groups are signed to MLD Entertainment, whose labelmate Momoland released “Yummy Yummy Love,” an English collaboration with Natti Natasha herself, this year.

At the award ceremony on Dec. 14, Lapillus took home the “Focus Award,” while TFN was named the “Potential Artist Award” for the second time in a row. Winners named that night include BTS, BLACKPINK, and NMIXX, among many others.

It feels like Latine and K-pop artists are showing each other more love than ever. K-pop idols have shared with their fans which Latine songs they love. With the mutual adoration between both industries, it’s only a matter of time before more artists join the growing list of K-pop and Latine collaborations

Watch Lapillus and TFN’s performance of “WOW BB” below.