10 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Yoli Mayoli to Jackie Mendoza

Lead Photo: Courtesy of LMK Media.
Courtesy of LMK Media.
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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Yoli Mayoli, Jackie Mendoza, and Jossef with Kevin Roldán. 

Yoli Mayoli - "Sueño Loco''

New York-based singer Yoli Mayoli lives out her deepest revenge fantasy in the anti-love anthem “Sueño Loco.” Armed with a lush production full of steely riffs and a rattling bassline, Mayoli zeroes in on what it’s like to wake up from the rose-colored reveries of an idealistic relationship. Each verse reveals a raw truth–perhaps romances that burn with telenovela-level intensity don’t actually exist in real life–as the singer yearns for emotional reciprocation in this blazing R&B-inspired ballad. – Nayeli Portillo

Jackie Mendoza - “Let’s Get Maui’d”

On her newest single, singer-songwriter Jackie Mendoza keeps following her own path while developing further into an amazing force in skewed-up pop. On “Let’s Get Maui’d,” Mendoza tells about a vacation with a special someone, capturing the fizziness of new love dressed in sped-up hooks, melodies that follow their own instincts, and an electronic background that keeps mutating every few seconds. While there’s nothing radically new here for Mendoza, her attention to detail and execution make it a fun yet emotional track and a great addition to her catalog. — Marcos Hassan

Jossef, Kevin Roldán - “Clickiamos” 

Something that categorizes el movimiento is the amount of collaborations artists build together. Jossef’s collaboration tactic is no different. His latest? A pop reggaeton track “Clickiamos” alongside the Colombian reggaeton singer Kevin Roldán. Jossef’s simping lyrics on top of this hypnotizing four-note melodic production are essential in this collaboration about lusting over a person. While it’s nothing new from the Puerto Rican artist’s usual taste in music-making, it’s worth listening to, especially if you have a special someone in mind now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. – Jeanette Hernandez

Marina Melo, Julia Branco - “Control Z”

If only we could go back. That’s the premise behind Brazil’s Marina Melo and Julia Branco’s new single “Control Z,” a meditation on the illogical yet persistent desire to return to better days. Beneath the cheeky satire lies excellent production from Naná Rizzini, who infuses the indie pop canvas with cascading percussion and jazzy horns, resulting in an effervescent slice of saudade. – Richard Villegas

Andrea Bell - “Ke Pasa?”

Venezuelan artist Andrea Bell gives us a celebration of her past and present selves with her new Shen.C-produced single “Ke Pasa?” Masterfully singing and rapping over a salsa-tinted trap beat, Bell shares tales of her youth and her reality as an expat in Argentina to give us insight into how she turned into the woman she is today: strong, talented, and dripping in style. – Cheky

Le Coco - “Cristales” 

Venezuelan-born, Miami-raised artist Le Coco goes full femme fatale in “Cristales,” the latest from her forthcoming album via Warner Latina. Here, Le Coco combines her lofty, left-field R&B soundboard with pop-driven reggaeton to produce a seductive, perreo-inducing melody. Backed by a hypnotic dembow beat, the singer-songwriter romps around hometown hotspots like Biscayne Boulevard and dabbles in some late-night debauchery. – Nayeli Portillo

M83 - “Oceans Niagara”

Anthony Gonzalez has been delivering retro-futurist bangers as M83 for a few decades now, and his latest continues this legacy of top-notch singles. “Oceans Niagara” inhabits that special ‘80s sound that has become their signature, embodying said decade’s film scores with heavy use of synths and urgent percussion, serving as a mood setter for the listener to lose themselves in its sound. The song doesn’t offer a ton of lyrics, but the mantra-like chorus and brightness of the music are enough to evoke a new imaginary world for us. M83 remains a unique and visionary project. — Marcos Hassan

Fuego, Roy Woods, Polimá Westcoast - "Luces"

The genre-bending Dominican-American artist Fuego is back with “LUCES,” this time with Canadian singer Roy Woods and Chilean rapper Polimá Westcoast. With such a global and diverse mix of artists, it’s expected that they all bring in what truly makes them successful in their own respective genres – and that’s exactly what they did. Together they formulated a rhythmic bilingual house-infused production dipped with smooth glimpses of hip-hop that showcase the magic that each of the individual artists is known for. – Jeanette Hernandez

Lilly Yan - “Diferentes Lugares”

Atlanta vixen Lilly Yan is kicking off the new year by manifesting wealth and travel with a sensual new R&B single, “Diferentes Lugares.” With production that harkens to smoldering classics by Sade and Lisa Stansfield, the slow-burning track unfolds like a wanderlust daydream. Yan muses about dips in Argentina’s crystalline coast and sampling Barranquilla’s delectable cuisine, leaving the door open for Eiffel Tower kisses, and Tokyo embraces. – Richard Villegas

Cienfue - “Lost Tribes”


This year, seasoned Panamanian singer/songwriter Cienfue is set to follow up his 2020 full-length Life in The Tropics with a brand-new concept album titled Seven Cities of Gold, which includes the single “Lost Tribes.” Cienfue dives deeper into his brand of tropical psychedelia, swirling with synths, guitar licks, and flavorful percussion inspired by Panamanian cumbia. He ties it all together with a drop of nostalgia, reminiscing a lost love he wishes back in his life. – Cheky