8 New Songs to Listen to This Week From BRATTY to Andreina Bravo

Lead Photo: Photo by Alan Cortes.
Photo by Alan Cortes.
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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include BRATTY, Bizarrap with Duki, and Andreina Bravo. 

BRATTY, Nsqk, Méne - “Continental”

“Te hice un desayuno tan continental/Para que puedas apagar la alarma… una copia de llaves/Para que supieras que puedes regresar,” sings a lovesick Jenny Juárez (aka BRATTY) on the gauzy “Continental.” The Culiacán-based artist tries a larger, more buoyant pop sound and warm, twangy guitar riffs for size as alternative R&B up-and-comers Nsqk and Méne harmonize beside her. But the real magic lies within the sincerity throughout Juárez’s songwriting. It stands as a candid yet carefully-restrained confessional that perfectly encapsulates how it feels to be enveloped in the euphoric high of a fully-blossomed romance. – Nayeli Portillo

Andreina Bravo - “Matriarcado”

Following “Arte,” the Ecuadorian pop star released “Matriarcado” to end her year with a bang. The fun, easygoing, reggaeton pop track is all about having a good time – a mood we can easily get into in 2023. In this single that’s conveniently called “matriarchy,” she invites her friends to celebrate being a single gal ready to party with no man in sight. Besides her Y2K style and pop-of-color fits, what caught more of our attention is that towards the short-but-sweet track’s end, Bravo shows off an edgier side of her artistry — a more daring version of her that we hope to explore this year. – Jeanette Hernandez

Earth Angel, Stz Poetic - “C.C.F.”

2023 has just begun but there’s already a new Boricua supergroup keeping us on the edge of our seats. Earth Angel is the brainchild of Carlos Santiago (Dávila 666, Fuete Billete) and Jota Vigilante (Los Vigilantes), who’ve gotten together to put a gritty twist on some sensual R&B cuts. Their maiden voyage comes with “C.C.F.,” a rattling, percussive cover of Cocteau Twins’ classic “Cherry-coloured Funk,” channeling Elizabeth Fraser’s ethereal angst into a smokey dive bar crooning session. Santiago’s raw, cutting vocals aim straight for the heart, while an original verse from rapper Stz Poetic rejuvenates the classic with playful, contemporary swagger. – Richard Villegas

Fumata - “Seremos Olvidados”

Sabbra Cadabra, a podcast dedicated to stoner rock and similarly heavy music, has compiled 70 of the finest bands from all over Latin America providing riffs and fuzz year-round. An undisputable highlight is Mexico’s Fumata—a supergroup composed of members from various projects like Vinnum Sabbathi and Terror Cosmico—who deliver the nihilistic “Seremos Olvidados.” Punctuated by guitars that sound like a thousand bricks falling at a winter’s solstice sacrifice, the band makes evil and demented music that sounds heavy and satisfying to those who seek to bang their heads slowly. — Marcos Hassan

Bizarrap & Duki - “3 Estrellas en el Conjunto (ft. La T y la M)”


The 2022 FIFA World Cup finals may have come to an end, but Argentina natives Bizarrap and Duki are here to commemorate the country winning its third World Cup trophy with their latest single, “3 Estrellas en el Conjunto.” Driven by an EDM beefed-up, bouncy syncopated rhythm (and later transitioning into an irresistible cumbia courtesy of power-duo La T y La M), the rappers roll call star players like Lionel Messi, Rodrigo de Paul, and Thiago Almada. The accompanying video includes footage of the millions of Argentines who flooded the streets in celebration of their team’s victory. – Nayeli Portillo

Lizz, Tomasa del Real - “Amiga” 

“Perra tú tienes el poder” – I know that’s right! The Chilenas Lizz and Tomasa del Real dropped their newest female anthem “Amiga.” The relatable sad girl neoperreo track describes an ongoing toxic relationship that’s hard to let go of. The convo goes back and forth between Tomasa advising Lizz to get over the dead-end relationship, all while serving a bass-heavy and autotuned compilation that gets you dancing and in your feelings simultaneously. Though Lizz’s relationship’s result is unclear, what’s true is that this is another fierce and empowering reggaeton track to add to your 2023 perreando y llorando playlist. – Jeanette Hernandez

Trillones - “Ataraxia”

In tandem with his recent string of genre-bending indie pop epics, Mexican electronic producer Trillones has also been flexing his experimental muscles on sporadic ambient releases geared towards calm and sober contemplation. Arriving on New Year’s Day, “Ataraxia” is his latest foray into ethereal soundscaping; a 20-minute journey of slow-marching percussion, waves of synth textures, and minimalist piano all pooling into a welcoming sea of tranquility. – Richard Villegas

Zoe Gotusso - “Ganas – Spotify Singles”

This young and exciting Argentinian singer-songwriter has revisited one of her signature songs for a new version courtesy of Spotify. The original version of “Ganas” had a summery feel thanks to its spare instrumentation and feel-good mid-tempo drums. This version flips the script with string arrangements backing Gotusso’s melodic vocals, giving the song’s intimate lyrics a more reflective and melancholic sentiment that was only hinted at in the original version, revealing new facets to her music. Becoming something a bit deeper and contemplative, versions like this make you appreciate the many shades a song can contain. — Marcos Hassan